February 27th, 2021


Relaxathon, feeder refill and upgrade

Uneventful night except the newly laundered space theme comforter is on the bed and the thin orange blanket is on the floor - Spook slept next to it before joining me on the bed after the lights came on.

Out of bed about 10, took meds, the usual breakfast plus some donut holes. Read AP news but it was a chore because Google couldn't find the site directly. Stopped reading US News, BBC had some interesting articles which AP missed. Added CBC after a long timeout because they are no longer all-Covid all the time. Solitaire, tile matching. NASA web site was disappointing, still no new images from Mars.

After a lot of finagling, got the Rayzr camera in a reasonable spot.**

Took some turkey baloney, brie and Thai iced tea out on the porch and watched SoSloWildlife on a fishing boat in the Keys - put my tablet on a small tripod on the table. Great display & audio and solid wifi connection. Started with the rocking chair pointed at the wetlands, saw a woodpecker land in a tree. When I was done with the food I reversed and watched the bees on the hummingbird feeders.

Amazon delivered two pair of flag pole mounting rings. I put one pair on my big Stars & Stripes and put the pole in the holder but it reminded me why that flag was in storage. It's way too big - whacks anyone coming up the ramp. So the second set replaced the broken rings on the smaller flag, and that's what's flying now.

Inside, watched some more Saving Hope and Hot Bench. Also PTI. Figured out the attraction for SH - the lead reminds me of Sally Field. Same sweet smirk. The ghost thing has taken a dark turn.

**Streamed for an hour. One troll one chatter

Brought in the cat food, only 1/4 eaten.

After dark, brought the big feeder inside, washed it inside and out, dried it off. Used the glue gun to block bee access under the flower petals. Mixed the nectar with 1/2 the usual sugar. Hung it back up, we'll see in the morning if that was enough.

And now Cox cable went down. Boo hiss.

Internet down, halibut fishing, feeder news

The internet died around 12:30 am, livingroom lights were stuck on, bedroom lights off. Used bathroom lights which are not internetted.

Cox chat tech said ETA 7:45 am. But nope, woke up at 8:30, no alarm because no internet.

Up & showered & dressed, used phone data for Cox chat, it took 2 reboots of the modem to regain internet.

Outside, only one cat came to the food, and didn't eat much. Pigeons finished it off.

The bees seem to be confused by the glue gun job on the feeder, I hope it stays that way. Saw a bird grab some lint from the sage tree and zoom away to a nest somewhere.

Too cold & windy to stay on the porch. Moved the flag holder so they are both on the same side, and installed the PC flag aside from and below the US one.

Ma'am settled in as tummy cat while i watched the final episodes of Saving Hope.

Watch a couple of streamers on the beach in SoCal fishing for halibut. I think they caught one.

Dinner was salad and chicken with creamed corn. Ma'am was on my tummy while I ate & watched Gold Rush.

Word is the trapper is returning two cats tomorrow afternoon, one is pregnant. Not what I expected.

Delivered - 16 oz of mint extract.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take a drive. check the mailbox.