March 7th, 2021


Festival of the Livingrooms: NonSonance

Woke up suddenly with the alarm, Ma'am was curled up in my arms. Spook was hiding in the bedroom closet. I felt lazy, stayed in bed till 10 listening to the fire dept scanner which had been looking for a room 404 at 4 am, but was now knocking down a trash fire which was burning the outside wall of a motel. Both fires were in the news later.

Watched some DrWD40 as he walked in the everglades looking for birds but finding none because of the high winds. My bees and hummers have not been at the feeders either. Birds have been on the sage bush eating berries and harvesting dryer lint i put out for them to make nests with.

Big Brother cat stopped by this evening. I need to call C5 and let them know I need a trap - the raccoon broke the one it was caught in. Two raccoons have been by but since they are not going under the house I don't care.

Still have not seen my new neighbors.

Most of the day I was in the zoom session with 100 others, NonSonance, virtual substitute for the Consonance filk con which I usually attend. Many people performed, very few knew how to adjust their audio. The alleged tech guy was useless. But I did find a new person to be a fan of. She had the tech stuff nailed because she does this every day as a music therapist for kids. She goes by the handle of Rhianon's Lark, her real name is Alyssa Yaeger.  I pre-ordered her next CD.

The one I liked so much yesterday is Beth Patterson. She followed my long time heart throb Mary Crowell. Tough act to follow but she did well.

They will be doing another of these in May. I was delighted by the turnout.

Finished watching Gold Rush. Getting to the end of the season. Only one mine is in trouble.

While I was on the computer, Ma'am climbed up me and onto the headrest. She is very comfortable up there.

I still think she looks like Grumpy Cat. Spook has no interest in the computer or being on the chair.

Lunch was wheat thins. Dinner was corn dogs and thin mints. Diet cola and Thai iced tea traded off as beverages. Hgl felt high tonight but was a nice 124.

Streamed for half an hour until nobody was left watching.

Took a lot of huge and not so huge boxes out to the curb for bulk pickup early AM. Packed up the Samsung and Eufy vacuums and gathered the toaster and some other items for Goodwill. 

J wants to Skype on Tuesday afternoon.
Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the recycleds and regular trash
2 pm Cardiology test - echocardiogram