March 11th, 2021


Some Midnight excitement

12-ish, fire truck with all the lights on but no noise pulled up in front of a house across the street and two doors down. Ambulance arrived 10 minutes later, another 10 minutes and someone sitting up in a gurney was lifted into the ambulance and taken away. I did not get a good look at the person, or which house they were from.

Slept in. 10:30 Hgl reading was way high because the insulin had worn off.

Read the assembly instructions for the exercycle. Thought about putting it together.

Watched streamers on Twitch, one was trying archery with his sister's bow. He was not very good, and his target kept falling off the tree. Trucker streamer was in some pretty scenic place. Two streamers in Thailand were supposed to meet up, one American and one Thai, but the Thai didn't make it. She streamed from a motorcycle. The American was on the beach.

Did some troubleshooting with the pigeon repeller. It definitely was not working on batteries - new batteries. Worked on the A/C adapter. But all in vain because I found legit research that says pigeons can't hear in the 15-25khz range. Lots of studies showed they cannot be kept away by any sounds - they get used to them.
Started putting the cycle together. Got the body attached to the front and rear bases. Tried to screw in the left pedal, but it got stuck.  Installed the right pedal, no problem, so I think the left pedal or the body has munged threads. Called the mfg hotline, they are not taking phone calls. Filed a ticket on their web page with photos of the pedal and the s/n tag. An hour later got a boilerplate reply asking to describe the issue and provide the s/n and proof of purchase, which I did.

No more work on the cycle in case they need to replace the body. My guess is they will send another left pedal. Or ask me to pay for expert assembly.

Spook has been in my bed most of the evening. Ma'am was on my office chair till I kicked her off, then in her tree hutch but now she's in the chair I was sitting in to build the cycle.
4 pm watched a 1-hour conference on a series of cookbooks, one of which a friend wrote. The authors were great but the tech sucked. The moderator never figured out how to get her video going and one of the authors had the same problem for half the meeting. My friend's signal was intermittent, which it never is on FB or YT. The panel mostly ignored the chat room and the moderator had no idea how to read questions from the audience. They used something called crowdcast. It looks amateurish to me.

No streaming tonight, I stayed with the RPCV singles Zoom meeting from 6:15 till 9. Two of the three sexiest women were online, one in a bathrobe.

It rained. Very light in the morning, just enough to blotch the street, but hard for a few minutes in the afternoon, and more tonight. Total so far is 0.33". This is the first real rain in 11 months. But I don't think it's enough to go to the Vegas Wash to get running water pix. More rain predicted tonight and tomorrow.

Ordered from Imperfect Foods for Monday delivery. About half of last time's order. They have a very limited offering of food I normally eat. 7 varieties of Kale, however.

I'm out of salad greens. Not planning to go out in the rain to get more. Monday's delivery will have some.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether the mfg gets back to me
Watch the rain