March 19th, 2021


It was a lot of work, 20 gallons of water, groc, new car?

Water was being shut off at 10 am so no shower. 

Breakfast was waffles and peanut butter.

Morning chore - ironed all my Hawaiian shirts. Took about an hour.

Smith's groceries were delivered at 11:45 for a noon-2 pm window. Only three items out of stock, one had no sub, one she subbed a much smaller item without letting me know and one she subbed 1 gallon for 1 quart with my hesitant approval.

While I was putting away the frozen meals, Justin from Nissan called, I had him call back in 5.

Justin called back, and he really wants my Leaf. He says he can get me into a 2021 extended range model for the same monthly lease payment I have now, for a $3k down payment. It sounds like registration will be covered too, though I expect to pay more for my vanity plates. We have a 1 pm appointment for tomorrow. There may be some punting involved since the new car is at another dealer and he needs mine before he can get that one.

12:45, USPS delivered the table for the aquarium. I set it up, unpacked the tank and set it on the table with the filter, heater and LED lighted cover.

That done, I went outside and emptied all my stuff out of the car, got the charger which came with the car out of the shed  and put it in the back seat. I looked everywhere but could not find the manuals.

Got the big (5 gallon) bucket and brought it inside.

Put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and rinsed the sink. Poured 20 lbs of gravel (coarse sand, actually) into the bucket and rinsed it a few times. Poured that into the tank. And then the marathon began. About 4.5 gallons per trip, from the kitchen sink through the livingroom and front room and (mostly) into the tank. There was some spillage onto the table because it's a big bucket and I had to lift it up above the tank. But it was minor - each time - I had a towel handy. I think I made 5 trips.

I did leave some room above the water line. Plugged in the power strip. Installed the filter, plugged it into the strip, it fired up right away, no priming needed. Plugged in the heater and suction cupped it inside the tank. Peeled the backing off the temperature gauge strip and slapped in on the outside of the tank. I don't think it is working. Added bacteria, foliage helper and conditioner. Planted the three tall, thin plants I'd bought. Removed a section of the cover to make room for the filter, and plugged it in. Very nice clear light.

Had some lox for lunch.

Made a sponge wand to clean the gunk off the inside walls of the tank. The water was pretty cloudy but the filter is working well. It'll be clear by morning.

Watched The First 48 and Hot Bench. Ma'am stretched across my chest. Spook hid under the bed. I had taken her stash of cutoffs off the floor. At first she hopped up on the bed but for some reason she prefers the floor long term. Earlier she jumped on my lap to be brushed.

Shark Tank was a re-run. I nuked it after the 2nd presentation.

Streamed for an hour. Lots of lurkers (two regulars) but no chatters.

Joined the RPCV singles zoom for a while.

Dinner was a FAIL. Chopstix house chow fun, it was dried out and the noodles were not chow fun noodles. The only edible part was the shrimps.

Cookie crumble mint ice cream helped.

Plans for tomorrow:
10-ish go to the tropical fish store. I have a shopping list
Home, put the fish in their bags on the water.
Download my car's address book onto a USB drive
1 pm Nissan. Maybe bring back a new blue 2021 Leaf.
Plant the aquarium plants. Add any decorations (driftwood?).  Port the fish into the tank