March 21st, 2021


Moar fish, moar cats

Up at 4 am with slightly low Hgl. Self medicated with a Klondike bar, chocolate milk and an egg cream. Overdid it. Watched the end of Gold Rush, which was a heavily padded pilot for Dave Turin's Colorado effort. He's upset that the neighbors don't want him strip mining next to the highway. He's following all the rules, but not because he's environmentally conscious. It also irks me that his crew is all Kristian all the time. They pray an awful lot for a group that's ripping up the planet.

Back to bed, a couple of pit stops before the 7:59 alarm jarred me awake.

LVFD scanner was inactive again. But SoFL fisherman was out on the boat early, catching bait.

After breakfast I punched Petco into the car GPS and it took me there. I got 4 neons, 4 zebra danios (my mistake I wanted zebra tetras) and three blue gouramis. Look like dwarfs, but at least one is female.

Home, hauled the big boxes off the sofa and into the guest room. Finished last night's dinner for lunch. Started watching Penn & Teller. Miki texted she was on her way and came over for a couple of hours. She fed Maam yogurt from her finger - partly as a treat for the cat and partly to show me how. And she said the cat's name is pronounced Mom, originally spelled Maam, no apostrophe.

She gifted me a box of chocolate mini cubes. The box made them look like choco applets & cotlets, but they turned out not to be.

When I went to liberty orchards web page to show her their chocolates, the text box had the name of my latest Thai fave singer, so I showed her this which led to this.

And yes her name is Miki not Michi. I showed her my friend Michi's address and she said it was near Okinawa, safe from the Fukushima earthquake.

I showed her the bubble nest the male betta is building and explained how that mating ritual goes. She says the aquarium should be a relaxation for me.

After she went home I watched the end of Penn & Teller, and that was all my Tivo fare.

Did some research and there does not seem to be a way to import my address book into the new car. Have to do it manually, by memory. Or maybe I can punch in GPS coordinates and fill in the name of each place.

Streamed for half an hour. No chatters.

Dinner salad, half the second Chopstix meal, chocolate fudge ripple ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage to the curb
Call MetLife and transfer my insurance to the new car
Log into the DMV site and see if I can register the car with HOWEIRD plates.
Put my stuff back in the car
Take a trip to Boulder City. This was the first drive I took a year ago but had to abort because the car battery was defective.