March 24th, 2021


Fish story

This morning's drive was to Chinatown, "Lucky" tropical fish store. It had some good reviews online, and seemed worth the long trip. I'd looked at Google maps and there was a very easy direct route but that's not what the Nissan GPS gave me. Lots of turns and through the seamy back side of the strip. The weather was good, there was a lot of traffic, but I got there. Tiny store, small parking lot. Big tanks, they seem to specialize in huge fish. No male bettas but a tank full of females. No gouramis or any of the other fish on my list. Ornament prices were marked up about 20%. Two walks through the whole store nobody made contact with me.

So Plan B. Told the GPS to take me to Trop, and it tried to do the great circle route. I ignored it and just drove down the first street past the strip to Tropicana and turned left. Started the GPS again so I would know when I was there, but it was off by 1/4 mile.

I saw a male and female full sized blue gourami pair, Karen at Trop helped me get those, and a m/f pair of lyre tail red sharks, some plants, and a pair of loaches. I thought I wanted clown loaches, but she showed me one (for $24) but that was not the fish I had in mind. Turns out I wanted Kuhli loaches, which they were out of. So she found a substitute, eel-like bottom feeders. And I grabbed a big castle ornament, $50, half of what I spent. Lots of hiding places for the smaller fish.

Home, the temp in the tank was down to 76, so I put the original heater back in to keep it from going lower. A better heater is due tomorrow. Still can't run the filter till the missing parts arrive.

After the bags of fish had been sitting in the tank for an hour I cut them open and poured in the fish, dumped in the moss and planted the anacharis. Moved the smaller ornaments to make room in the back for the castle.

Betta has given up on the bubble nest. The new female gourami and the dwarf gourami booth look pregnant. Expecting the males to build bubble nests.

I've got too many fish in there, but most are tiny. The new gouramis are huge by comparison.

Pulled up a desk chair and watched a few times. Spook put her paws on the table top and then put one on the glass where an algae eater was. She seemed disappointed that it felt like mirror cat.

Spook full out launched at Mom while I was watching TV. Mom had a panic attack but doesn't appear to be injured. She curled up on my lap later.

Watched The Flash. Horrible writing, bad acting, the plot was pulled out of someone's posterior. Unbeatable magician villain from the 64th century talked down by the hero, then killed by a CGI Hulk-like monster. Must cancel future recordings. Superman & Lois is up next.

Pretty dull day on Twitch. Not much better on FB and Twitter.

Plans for tomorrow:
None except no food after 10 pm.