March 26th, 2021


No Mo Blood

Relatively sleepless night, fasting since 8 pm, Spook in bed with me for a while then she moved to her hidey spot on the floor. Woke up with a headache 3 times. 7:30 woke up with painful sciatica, had to change positions a dozen times.

Got out of bed to do my morning stuff and Spook took my place.

10 am appointment at the blood draw lab. Left way too early, it turned out to be 5 minutes away. Mobile phone check-in wouldn't let me tell them I was there till 9:45. I went inside to check in, and after scanning my Q code, was sent back to my car to wait for a text. Text at 10 am, my name was first on the monitor saying 1 minute, but it was actually 5.

Nurse took my paperwork - 4 pages from 3 doctors - and scanned the bar codes, but had to fill in a lot of stuff on screen because my doctors wanted all the tests. I think I counted 18 of those little tubes.  I told the nurse maybe we should have just taken a pint and put it in the vials later.

For the first time in a year I couldn't fill the urine sample. I think the new drug may be working better than expected.

The clinics are closed for the weekend so I probably won't get any results till Monday, earliest.

Checked the USPS site, the parts for the aquarium filter have not even been mailed. So I drove to Trop, hoping they had them, but they only had one for a larger filter. So I bought a whole new filter. And some floating plants.

Home, installed the part, and while I was at it replaced the filter pads. With the filter running, the tank water temp started to climb to where I wanted it. Heater was working but convection wasn't.

SoFL fisherman was in a smaller boat out of Miami today, I watched for a while on the PC then set it up on the tablet by the bed and took a nap. Spook curled up against me and purred.

When I woke up 90 minutes later they were still catching fish. I got dressed and fired up the PC. Looked for Krispy Kreme. Instead of driving there for the free vaccination donut I ordered a dozen delivered. 64% of the cost was taxes, delivery and tip. Lots of phone tag from door dash person with a NYC area code whose native language is written in Cyrillic. Very hard to understand, and she ignored the instructions I'd put online and got totally lost in the mobile home park because the streets and houses are not numbered in a logical order. I finally got her to go back to the main road and then she found me. And instead of leaving the box on the table she left it on the floor by the door.

Oh, yes the first NYC call I hung up on because she identified herself as door dash, which I was not expecting. Local number called back, American woman says KK was out of maple donuts, did I want maple bars instead? no thanks, just give me plain.

Ate two custard filled instead of salad, put the rest in plastic bags in the fridge. Frozen lasagna meal for dinner, fudge ripple ice cream.

Somewhere after my nap I hauled the smaller recliner out of the guest room, and in front of the aquarium. It was a Herculean feat because the recliner is wider than the guest room door. Lots of Pythagorean maneuvering involved. Spook started to use it as a scratching post. I was expecting her to jump up on my lap.

The filter has made some progress, but I may have to clear the input tube tomorrow.

Watched three storm chasers, two of them found storms, one found someone else's video of tornado wreckage. Or I think it was someone else's.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to Boulder City. Take my camera.