March 29th, 2021


Mostly ice cream

The usual breakfast. Fed the fish their frozen brine shrimp. The water is so clear! Sat in the easy chair and watched. I think I've lost one female betta, am only seeing the one pink one. And the male is sick, need to replace him. If I want to raise the swordtails, it looks like I need 2 more females.

Shot up the last of the Ozempic. More is on the way but to late. Only had 1/4 dose this morning.

Quest sent the creatanine/BUN results. BUN is fine, creat is high but lower than it has been. I printed out the Kaiser lab results from 2019 for the urologist.

Quick trip to Albertson's. bananas, fruit bowl, red onion, HB eggs (high priced ones were on sale) Blue Bunny ice cream was all on sale so I bought 2 tubs and 4 novelties.

Check-out was very slow.

Home, put stuff away. Not much to watch on Twitch.

Tivo was also kind of bare, Gold Rush only has one mining operation going instead of  the usual 4 or 5. Only one case on Hot Bench.

Watched the fish a lot. Should have done more reading. Been making my way on Kindle in The Phantom Tollbooth and am not seeing why it was such a hit let alone made into a stage play. Kind of lame,  steal blatantly from Wizard of Oz, Winnie The Pooh and just a tad from Dr. Dodgson's books. Not nearly on a par with any of them IMHO.

Streamed for an hour, one of the regulars chatted.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
Maybe drive to Veterans Memorial park
Maybe buy some more fish
BASFA zoom meeting

More from yesterday

It was late, I was tired, ironically it was from staying up too long watching 90 Day Fiance. It was a very good episode. No Stephanie, no Andrew/Amira and some actual weddings. Tarik married Hazel in a charming outdoor ceremony where they held hands forming a circle around Tarik's autistic little daughter Audi, and his mom and her parents were all watching in a zoom session. They both could not be happier.

Brandon and Julia were married in a church but the wedding was non-religious, which suited Brandon just fine. His parents and grandpa were there, her mother and father watched via separate video streams.edit add: Brandon read his vows to Julia in Russian. Her mom was ecstatic.

Rebbecca was driven to the outdoor ceremony at the resort in a Cinderella carriage drawn by two brown horses. Her skeptical son in law gave her away. Zeid looked very dashing. I can't remember if his folks were on video from Tunisia,I think not. Rebbecca was resigned to the rushed wedding but they were both relieved with the happy conclusion to a 2-year ordeal.

Meanwhile, Natalie could not check into her Seattle hotel room because the hotel wanted Mike's credit card and ID, since he paid for the room. Something seriously wrong here - it should have been easy for them to make a phone call. Butshe had Tamara drive them 3 hours back to Sequim, and she stayed at Mike's in a separate room. One day left on her visa, immigration lawyer was useless. Millions of people overstay their visas, but she is so upset with the idea of being illegal that she cried all day. Her face looks like someone punched her repeatedly. Mike doesn't want to get married, but I guess he's never heard of annulment.
More stuff yesterday - no bees or hummingbirds in a month so I took down all the feeders, emptied them, washed them out and mixed up full 4:1 water:sugar nectar, no food coloring. Forgot the vitamins in the first one but put some in the others. Hung those back up. The trigger is I'm seeing other birds on the sage bush, and things are budding. And an aloe plant in the front yard is flowering. winds are calming down and temps are back up.

Watched Summer House, the deal this summer is they have invented Loverboy alcoholic drinks and everyone in the house has a role in the business. The main guy has a serious alcohol problem, he is drunk half the time and he is a very angry drunk. And there is one useless person named Amanda who goads him. And at the moment they have problems during the pandemic making enough of the stuff to even begin to fulfill their purchase orders.
Delivered to my mailbox, crammed in there was an Amazon padded envelope with two spray bottles of adhesive remover. I used a bit to get the remains of a stick-on thermometer off the front of the aquarium. Need to put the bottles in the shed, won't be using it regularly, but nice to have around.

Ordered anti-pigeon spikes for the porch railing. Hope that will help. I want to put food out for the strays again. Meanwhile raccoon is still coming around the carport at night. The alarm on the camera scares him away, but I need to see him live to use it.