March 30th, 2021


Plan C or D or maybe no plan

Woke up and was out of bed in time but had to take out the garbage, and feed the fish and watch fish TV. Hgl was a bit high at 10. Breakfast, read all the news. More gun deaths.

Feeling like maybe not going anywhere today.

No streamers caught my eye. Wasted a lot of time on Twitter. I wish Biden and Harris would get off of there, it's a bad precedent to make official announcements on social media.

Garbage trucks were late. Recycled was sloppy, left 1/4 of the stuff in the bin.

Delivered were pigeon repeller spikes. I glued some to the porch rail. That ought to help. A couple of bees found the newly filled hummer feeders.

Aloe plant from former next door neighbor is sprouting flowers. Not open yet though. Pretty.

Spook has a new parking spot. I am not pleased.

I need to put the bucket back in the shed.

Decided I needed to replace the missing female betta, add a male and get two more female swordtails. Drove to Petco, it took forever to get help, but got what I was after except the guy thought the swordtails were platys, so I got duller females without the black tails.

Stopped at the mailbox, MetLife sent my official insurance card for the new car. Aquarium parts arrived, they were for a much larger filter pump, so they will be recycled. Good thing I didn't wait.

Wasted a lot of time looking for korean beef ribs delivery. None close enough to deliver.

Lunch and diner were frozen meals.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meal delivery of some kind?

Manicure day

Breakfast was a pair of KK donuts, chocolate glazed but most of the chocolate stayed in the plastic bag they were stored in in the fridge.

SoFL streamer had posted he planned on doing a morning run but he did not.

Read a lot of news, fed the fish & watched Fish TV for a bit.

1 pm manicure appointment. Magic Nails does not making me wait and they do a thorough acrylic fill with color and gel top. No corners cut. Well worth the $35 and a $10 tip.

Stopped at Albertson's on the way home, got sprinkles for <$4 which Amazon wanted $11 for. Whipped cream was on sale and so were large avocados, which will replace the marinated artichoke hearts in my dinner salad because both the house and major brands of that have become inedible. It took me 15 minutes to find plain whole milk yogurt for Maam. 7,245 varieties of yogurt on the shelves, but all the small containers were low fat and most were fruit-infested and/or flavored. Had to settle for a pint, which I'll see if I can split out into smaller containers. If I have any. Looks like I can freeze it in smaller portions.

Stopped at the mailbox, there was a key for one of the storage units. Inside was a small box which had a pair of Polident boxes from Amazon. I wish they would stop using USPS, they have their own couriers who drop stuff off at my front door.

Online, ordered a quartet of Korean bento boxes, they arrived on time at about 5 pm, then a few minutes later UPS dropped off a styrofoam cold pack with Ozempic, but the cooler bag was warm. FAIL. And there were only 3 pens, should have been 6.

Text from Nissan finance guy, called him he wanted me to come in and sign one more paper. WTF? I've had the car for 20 days and they are just now discovering missing forms? I actually should have received my registration info by now. No time tonight or tomorrow, I'll go April Fools Day.

Early dinner of Korean short rib bento. The ribs were very small pieces on too much rice. Bean curd noodles were good, kimchi almost killed me. Broccoli was ignored as well as an alleged red vegetable in leather-like strips. And two slices of scrambled egg.

Spent took much time re-doing my recording of Smile.

Plans for tomorrow:
No food or drink after 8 am
Noon radiology appointment
More paperwork, I'm sure