March 31st, 2021



Up at 8, brushed my teeth, showered and dressed as usual but no deodorant because they said not to.

No breakfast but took my meds because it was more than 4 hours before my CT scan.

SFL fisher guy got out to an early start, 8:30 am my time. I watched on and off till it was time for me to leave. Also watched DrDW40 for a bit as he played a geoguessing game, but it was frustrating because he was somewhere they write in Cyrillic, which he cannot read (hey, it's like Greek, any scientist should be able to puzzle it out), and he would not stay focused on business signs long enough for me to read the name of the town. Several banners for auto dealerships which must have said the town name. Grr.

11:30 punched the address into the car GPS and it took me the non-freeway route to Desert Radiology in a part of Henderson new to me. Took 40 minutes, not the 27 Google said, but that got me there right on time. Only one other patient ahead of me.

Angelica gave me three forms to sign and date, simple okay to treat, okay to send results to people of my choice (none) and okay to inject me with radioactive iodine.

Caroline was my nurse, she took me back to the CT scan room, asked a few pertinent questions (yes, I've been irradiated twice before), helped me get comfortable on my back in the device's bed. Put a cover over my lower body so I could push my pants down to my knees. Another nurse whose name I was not told stuck the needle in my arm but they did a set of trips through the scanner before she injected the "contrast" solution. My vein was not cooperative, it wanted to float around. But she got it pretty quickly. She said it only takes 10 seconds to act but she'll give me 30. Several more trips into the scanner, hands over my head like on a roller coaster. The machine talks in a pleasant female voice telling me the breathe in and hold it, then breathe. Countdown timer appears for 5 or 10 seconds depending on the scan.

12:40 I was in the car checking messages. It felt longer in there. Results next week some time. Not in time for Friday's PCP appointment.

On the way back I saw some impressive and disturbing terracing techniques on steep hillsides. I could have stopped to take photos but did not have the Nikon.

Watched a BLM special called Soul of A Nation. PTI host Mike was one of the interviewers of famous black athletes, including the Olympian who raised a black gloved fist. It was mostly interviews with athletes but there was also an ad hoc section with back sports reporters - Mike was not included WTF? It looked like an afterthought, captured from some obscure podcast. All in all very educational. But as usual they gave Colin Kaepernick too much credit. He was about to be fired from the 49ers, he had nothing to lose, and it took him a day to come up with the protest excuse when all he did at the start was sit in a corner feeling sorry for himself. But then the Media took it from there...

Lunch was corn dogs. For dinner I took the two remaining Korean short rib boxes and combined the ribs and noodles onto one plate and heated it up. The first box had half as many ribs as the other two, so I have a lot of ribs left over. Disposal got the rice, broccoli, kimchi and unidentified side dish. And some of the sprouts.

Did a load of laundry before going to the scanner.

Ran the dishwasher.

Opened the pint of yogurt and spooned 3 tablespoons into each of about 8 small KFC containers, stacked those in the freezer. There was enough left for a small plastic tub. I fed Maam from my finger, but she was only interested in three helpings. Miki eats yogurt, so it works for her but not for me. Maybe I should try some?

Put the wireless keyboard back, the Kensington wired one eliminated most of the missing first character issue but the keys are small and the insert key is next to the backspace key. On the MSFT keyboard insert is the 0 key on the 10-key pad when numlock is not selected. And also there's a sleep key, which eliminates 4 keystrokes.

In stray cat news, silver yeller has adopted my porch. He knows Spook can't get through the screen door, and he helps keep down the pigeon population, when he feels like it. He likes to lay out on the floor a few feet from the food. Sometimes the smaller silver one joins him.

Two loads of laundry which need to be taken care of.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put laundry away
Nissan, sign whatever paper they have for me
April Fool's Day
Resist the urge to order food that I can't afford. Was wanting crawdads. I wonder how well the Pepperidge Farms turnovers will do in the toaster oven?
Maybe re-order the Wyze vacuum. No, wait till my tax refund arrives. With all the pandemic stuff my return is still being processed.