April 1st, 2021


Nissan, watermelon aerobics, vacuum cleaner FAIL

6 am massive cat fight noises. It's so routine I ignore them. **

After breakfast it was a trip to the Nissan dealership. Ray the finance guy had two FAILs, one his and one Nissan's. The Nissan one is my signature was cut off on one form during scanning. His was he forgot to get the VIN number off my car (he's not supposed to trust the paperwork).

Home, watched Fish Tank TV a bit - one male dwarf gourami died. :-(

**massive amounts of Spook's white fur on the rug by the sofa. Maam Scissorhands. I plugged in the Hoover and vacuumed the area, lots of suction but no roller brush action, so no fur pickup. Took the base off, the belt was way loose but in the right place. Turns out there is a pedal for engaging and disengaging the roller brush. It was not working. A plastic piece had snapped off, making it irreparable.

Ordered a Wyze robo vac. I'm not sure if its brushes are good enough for Spook's fur but I'll give it a try. BTW, happy April Fools birthday, susandennis.

No stray cats or raccoons. Too many pigeons. Spook loves to watch them, passively.

Fed Maam some yogurt. Three fingers' worth is her limit. I tried some, maybe it isn't as evil as I thought. Maybe.

PTI and Hot Bench, and some channel surfing.

Folded the laundry that needed to be folded, hung up the rest. Spook came in to help too late.

Took the big castle ornament out of the tank and created some more hidie holes in it. Put some moss behind it.

LVFD scanner is back in business. Most common dispatcher line is "shortness of breath". A very wide range of ages, I'm guessing some of the calls were drug-related.

Evening, bit the bullet and took my 10" chef's knife to the watermelon. It had a very thick rind, and was longer than 10". Had to be very careful but still managed to drop the knife on the floor. It rebounded and put two small cuts on my leg. Band aids fixed that.

Filled 6 quart bags with watermelon chunks and put them in the fridge. Had one bag's worth for dessert tonight.

Streamed for an hour, no chatters but a few lurkers.

Rabbit hole time, started with looking for Ertha Kitt singing If You Go Away in French (Ne me quitte pas). She only sang it in English. Dusty Springfield sings in English but puts a French verse in as well. Listening to Brel do it in French I see why the Rod McKuen English version is the one of choice. It's not a translation, it's new words to the tune. And somehow YouTube decided I needed to hear David Foster bring outLoren Allred singing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman because she ghost sang it in the movie. Rebecca Ferguson did the acting (Jenny Lind).  Foster has won 16 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations. I watched several other clips from his special. So much diva level singing!

Plans for tomorrow:
PCP appointment at 1
Drop off SodaSense CO2 cartridges at PO
Watch some Tivo (Summer House, The First 48)
Eat some watermelon
Maybe make an endocrinology appointment.
Maybe get a replacement gourami