April 3rd, 2021


Very full afternoon of medical & other stuff

Morning was the usual. Plus I took the bucket out from under the aquarium table and put it in the shed. Spook did not move at all from under the table. She seems to like the extra room.

Got the Cox cable box out of the shed and the cable card out of the Tivo and put those in the back of the car.

Took the sodasense cartridges in their box to the car too.

First stop, the PO, deposited the cartridges in the big package mailbox.

Next stop, Center Well, new name for my PCP's clinic. After the usual prelims with the nurse, was surprised that instead of my new regular MD, the doctor who came in was the one I originally signed up for a year ago but didn't get because she administers all the clinics in LV. She's very good.

She went over my labs, and the main surprise is too many red blood cells, which she said is typical of sleep apnea, but other things which can cause the body to think it is not getting enough oxygen. My finger O2 reading was 100%, so we have a mystery. She had the nurse draw some blood for a test which uses a hormone to try to stimulate red blood cell production. She also wanted a chest X-ray. And I need to make an appointment with the endocrinology place.

And she was able to pull the results of my CT scan. Bottom line is there is nothing we did not already know, except it ruled out cancer. I'm having a procedure Monday which ought to shed more light.

So next stop was Desert Radiology which turned out to have a location right up the road, which I did not see on their web site. Chest X-Ray done quickly with a minimum of paperwork since they had me in their system from the CT scan.

Last stop was a long drive to Cox in Henderson, dropped off their equipment and got a receipt.

Home, fired up Sling TV on the PC and told it to record a few shows I can't get on Tivo anymore. Used Amazon Fire to play Graham Norton. I miss that show a lot.

Lots of pigeons on the porch despite the empty food dish. And the neighbor's cat. The big fluffy stray tom checked out the back of the carport, I may start putting out canned food.

We're starting LV Spring, temps in the 90's this weekend. 87 today.

Finished another bag of watermelon chunks. Individual pizza for lunch. Dinner was the last Korean bento box, after disposing of the kimchee, broccoli, red leather and huge slab of rice.  The bulgogi meat was dry and not delicious. Sad.

Streamed for an hour. No chatters. I may be done.

Tried to trim Maam's claws, she won't let me. I wish I could sedate her.

I finished The Phantom Tollbooth. You know how The Wizard of Oz is internally consistent and the ending makes sense? Well, not this piece of crap.

Plans for tomorrow:
Refine the Tivo and SlingTV experiences
Get serious about finance. I'm spending way too much on impulse. IRS is busy, my return is still not processed. Expecting a major refund.

Phone call Saturday

I bet the Catholics have a name for the day before Easter, but I don't know or care what it is. Not my superstition, not my monkeys.

No way was I going anywhere this weekend. 94° is one reason, holiday weekend is another. Watched SoFL on Twitch for a bit, but got a call from a friend in Houston who I know from Thailand Peace Corps doings, concerned about my health from reading my FB posts. I was able to tell him it's all good, we just don't know why my bladder isn't behaving.

So I called each of my USA sisters, to let them know what we know now:
I don't have any kind of cancer
None of my organs are in any worse shape than we already knew
I need to make an appointment with an endocrinologist (diabetes related)
I have an appointment with Urology Monday for a TMI procedure which may solved the bladder mystery
We're waiting on the results of a chest X-Ray, and apparently I will also be referred for a sleep oxygen study, but don't know where yet.

Sling TV came through for me, I was able to watch Graham Norton and 90 Day Fiance. The Tivo gets a good signal off the air for most stations, Shark Tank was as good as cable. As was Penn & Teller.

Spent lot of time on the Tivo removing stations with low signals, Spanish, religious and infomercials.

Did not buy anything and nothing was delivered.

Watermelon for lunch, salad & frozen meal for dinner.

Sonos stopped playing Sirius XM. Chat with Sirius was a total FAIL. Ended up uninstalling SXM from the Sonos app and re-installing it. Needed to reset my password to what it had been.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the rest of the Pigeon spikes
Watch The First 48
Tweak my SlingTV. Maybe upgrade to the $50 package to get ESPN and more DVR time.