April 5th, 2021


Just another Sunday

My skype session was postponed, my favorite streamers were not online or were not doing anything worth watching. So I went online with SlingTV and tried to add the bundle with ESPN, but was told my account (opened 2 days ago) was past due. When I tried to fix that, it sent me to Tivo, which is where I'd signed up for Sling. But Tivo showed the right credit card info associated with the sling account.

Online chat on Sling was worthless, some clown in India had no clue, so he gave me the phone number for their support line.

Called the support line, turns out Tivo's connection with Sling's accounting system was borked. Support person switched my account over to Sling, added the package, and kept the Tivo discount. WIN.
Pigeons are perching on the part of the porch railing which doesn't have spikes, so I have ordered more spikes.

The raccoon is back, and going under the house. I need to call animal control and borrow a trap again. Tuesday.
Amazon Prime has Queen Latifa's new show The Equalizer. She plays a former CIA enforcer gone vigilante. It's pretty exiting. And surprising - she does a lot of fighting, shooting and killing bad guys. It's well written for the most part and well choreographed. I've seen the first 2 episodes so far.

Also watched 90 Day Fiance, which had Two weddings, one break-up and one fiance swap. Plus an extra hour of one couple's experience with a very difficult childbirth.

Earlier I finished a bonus segment of Gold Rush, featuring a very stupid family team trying to get gold out of already over-mined ground in Eastern Oregon. Experts came in to help, but they only got an ounce of gold in a full day of processing.

And on Tivo I had The First 48. The local antenna signals are excellent for the stations which I can receive here.

Used the toaster oven to bake some turnovers. They came out well.

As soon as it was dark I hauled the big boxes from 2 weeks ago out to the curb, and the broken vacuum cleaner.

IRS says my refund was approved in full, due on the 9th. So I went online at Home Depot asking for an estimate on a year-long plan to replace the prison screen doors with sliding ones. I expect it will cost $1k.

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage bins to the curb
10 am skype
1:30 head for Urology 2:50 appointment

Unlocked Monday

8:30, wheeled the bins out to the curb. Bulk pickup had already grabbed the big pile of stuff I'd left them.

Loaded the dishwasher.

Fed the fish and watched them for a bit

10 am Skye call with J

no streamers to watch. Read all the news.

1:30 into the car, off to the specialist. Got there before 2:30, was not let inside till 3:05 for my 2:50 appointment.

So, after the procedure I drove back to Fremont Street aka Boulder Hwy, and punched in Nissan. Picked up the registration paperwork which I was told I could enter online, but they lied. Had to make an appointment to go to the DMV, first one available was not till May 10, only one was at 9:30 am, at Flamingo quite a drive away. Nothing at nearby Henderson. Nothing until June 29 anywhere after that.

Delivered was more pigeon spikes and a dozen packets of Thai iced tea mix. Too windy to install the spikes. Too lazy to mix up more tea.

Watched American Idol about 2/3 of the way (more to be watched later). Ate a salad. None of the singers impressed me enough to vote for them.

BASFA Zoom meeting was long, ran too late for me to stream.

Also delivered was the Wyze robo vac. It took several tries to pair it to the app. First problem is it only uses slow wi-fi connections, second problem is the phone had to be very close to the vac to pair.  Now it is paired and updating the firmware. Will try it tomorrow. Have to remember to close the bedroom door first. I don't want it to mess with the back of the house, or the kitchen/laundry room.

Plans for tomorrow:
expect a call from middle sister for an update on my TMI issue
Maybe get a call from endo to book an appointment.
Trop - I have a list of aquarium things. I think I lost 2 female bettas, and know I lost 3 dwarf gouramis. And maybe they have a banded loach in stock again. And brine shrimp. And maybe more female lyre tails. And small flake food.