April 9th, 2021


Kinda dull Friday

Stayed in bed till 11, Spook joined me at about 8 and curled up against me, purring. She could use a good brushing, or maybe grooming. I should call the mobile groomer who got her clean and brushed out her mats last year.

My not very guilty pleasure is firing up the LVFD scanner app on the tablet and this morning there was a lot of activity. One major fire, a fatal crash, a young boy with a life-threatening asthma attack and at least two "I can't breathe" victims, one old, one 20-ish. And maybe a shooting at the intersection by Albertson's. Not 100% sure about that one.

Finally got up and showered and dressed. No raccoons last night so no call to Animal Control.

No medical stuff at all today. Except I did sleep for several hours without needing a pit stop.

Tried one last time to modify the map and run the Wyze robo vac. It still won't let me block the area the cat food is in, and it still wants to shove the food dishes and tower. So I emptied the bin, cleaned the roller and packed it up. Going to UPS tomorrow. Giving up on the robot vacs, for now.

Updated the laptop.

Nothing recorded on Tivo, but lots of things to watch on Amazon Prime and Sling TV. The Tivo 4K remote is a FAIL, no FF or REW or pause button. I can get everything on Amazon Fire in 4K. Not worth sending it back, though. Maybe they will improve it.

Two zoom meetings, one was a filk convention with about 70 people, the other was an RPCV singles gathering just 4 of us.

The Equalizer continues to keep me interested, but it's getting a little repetitive. Temptation Island I get bored with after half an episode, so TBC. I think there may be a new Graham Norton, but PTI is done for a few days.

None of my usual streamers were streaming, except the local couple, who showed up on the lake in time for sunset.

One more dead dwarf gourami today. The two male bettas are coexisting. The loaches are causing more trouble than any of the fighting fish. Spook likes to sit on the floor next to me while I watch from the stuffed chair.

I thought about buying a cot or small folding bed for the guest room.

My IRS refund arrived. I paid off my credit cards early (Social Security would have covered those in 2 weeks).

Found a local screen door company, will call them to get a estimate on the project. Removing the current prison doors is the hard part, I think. Sin City, and in my zip code FTW.

Slipped behind the printer stand and sprayed some Goo Gone on the mangled neighborhood watch decal, only to discover it is outside.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ozempic weekly dose
UPS with the rob vac package
Call Sin City Screens
Go outside and remove the decal.