April 10th, 2021


Unhappy return of the day

I sleep on my left side because on my back is not good for breathing and on my right makes my pacemaker jab and it's also where the windows are. I'm most comfortable hugging my 5 foot tall panda, Mick.

At 7:59 Google Home is programmed to:
- Turn on the bedroom lights
- tell me the local weather for today
- tell me the weather forecast for tomorrow
- say what's on my calendar today
- resume playing on my Sonos network speakers what had been playing the last time I turned them off.
Normally then I would check the weather radar on my tablet and the weather channel app, and turn on the police scanner app to either the Las Vegas/Clark County fire department or the Bay Area catch-all channel. And then I would go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get ready for the day.
For the last three days Spook has jumped on the bed and curled up against my back, close enough to pet.

So I have delayed getting out of bed. Turns out she will wait for me to come out of the bathroom before she jumps off the bed. Sometimes she will leave the room but sometimes she waits for me to go into the closet for a shirt, and makes herself comfortable in there.
Took drugs, had breakfast, checked Facebook, Twitter and Twitch, read the news, played a hand of solitaire and "mahjong".

Change the litterbox cartridge, taped up the old one and put it in the garbage bin outside. Tossed the recycles into the other bin.

Still outside, sprayed the mangled neighborhood watch decal a few times but it was baked on, so I needed a razor blade to scrape it off. That was a lot of work. Went inside again, found the house's tax decal and put it next to the old one, which I thought about scraping off, but it's the same serial number so really no reason to.

Back inside, put the box with the robo vac into the car and put the folding dolly in with it. Drove to UPS and dropped it off. Amazon processed the refund almost by the time I got home.

Ordered a the Bissel version of the Hoover vac which had broken. And a new neighborhood watch decal and a fire department "save my pets" decal.

Called Sin City Screen Doors, they sent an estimator over in an hour, he said they won't remove the prison doors but he'll contact a handyman to call me to get that done. Monday I should get an estimate for the screen doors. The prison doors are secured with one-way screws which need to have a groove cut in them to be able to be removed with a flat head screwdriver. Apparently none of the one-way removal tools on the market work.

After way too much research, ordered a lever and wheels kit to move my couch. One of my OCD peeves is the rug on which the couch sits (it takes up most of the livingroom floor) has major bumps which I cannot smooth out with the couch on top. The couch is a very heavy sofa bed, I cannot move it myself without the help of physics. There is room to move it off the rug and then pull the rug flat. It may also need to be tread upon. Or steamrolled.

Lunch was the last of the watermelon.

Three of my favorite streamers were on, a storm chaser in Pensacola, two surf fishermen in SoCal, and a trucker somewhere in the midwest. The trucker's signal kept going low, and he has programmed his system to tell us in big letters each time his bitrate changes. It's annoying. So I was happy the Florida fisherman came on when I got tired of the trucker's lost signals.

Mom made a PIA of herself, trying to climb onto the PC and my desk. I've had cats turn off the PC, it's easy to land on the power button. I used to have a guard on there but Spook doesn't play that game and the guard makes it more difficult for me to turn the thing on so I removed it. Mom seems to be able to take a hint, though.

Watched fish TV a couple of times. Spook sits next to the stuffed chair when I do. It's adorable. Mom is not interested.

Dinner was a salad and a small frozen lasagna, and the last of the chocolate fudge tracks ice cream.

Watched Shark Tank and Penn & Teller while eating. Mom climbed onto my lap just as I needed to lean forward to grab the remote.

Cut up 3 avocados and put the chunks in the freezer. They thaw well in the microwave and have replaced the artichoke hearts on my dinner salad.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much.