April 11th, 2021


Hot day with strays

Spook only joined me for a couple of minutes this morning, she decided to camp out in the dark of the bedroom closet.

The usual breakfast, kinda forced myself to have lunch, a small frozen meal. No appetite for dinner, but did have a couple of ice cream snacks and some trail mix.

Delivered today by USPS but to my front door, a big box with cat treats, trail mix (in the same kind of jar as the treats) and six bottles of body wash.

Which reminded me I was also almost out of shampoo, so I ordered 6 bottles of that.

Most of the stuff I ordered yesterday is due to be delivered tomorrow.

Nothing on Tivo, but Sling had the rest of Temptation Island, and an episode of 90 Day Fiance Talkback #1.  The woman with the searchlight eyes continues to sabotage her relationship, even now that she is married. The NOLA party boy has become the poster boy father, his wife is so in love with him and the baby, it's amazing to see. My favorite couple could not be there in person and had to connect to the session from separate rooms because a friend had contracted Covid and they had to quarantine. The old blonde woman and her 27-year-old Belizean ex did not make it. No surprise there. They will bring on the French ex in part II, her American boy has let himself go -long hair and a beard and gaudy shirt.

Looks like I have Graham Norton and Gold Rush to watch tomorrow. Or maybe tonight. And Tivo will have American Idol and some show I don't recognize.

Spent a lot of time watching the fish, with Spook on the floor beside me. Did not like how aggressive the two loaches were, so I looked them up. Turns out they are not the species I thought, they are Chinese/Singapore loaches, known to suck the life out of other fish. The aquarium sites all recommend a 50-gallon or larger tank. So after some thought I netted them and flushed them down. They may just  survive, the water is warm enough this week, who knows? I did get a neon by mistake, but my net was too large to fish it out. Sigh.

So maybe tomorrow I'll look for a couple of nicer bottom feeders. I also need more plants/moss. 

I also have a lot of deliveries tomorrow - but slated for late in the day. And the screen door people are due to call.

The "yeller" stray cat got fed, and let me pet him a little. Spook watched through the screen door.

Spook stayed by the screen door all afternoon, despite the 90° heat. 

I went outside with another set of anti-pigeon spikes and glued them all on. I still have a package left, but I think I have covered enough of the porch railing. One of the tests of the new vacuum will be the pigeon poop. Not sure how I will get the cord out the door (there's no AC outside the house except for the porch light).

The gold cat came by first, he chased the pigeons away. He looked like he wanted to catch & eat one. Fine with me.

Streamers were few and far between. One covered a white lives matter event at Huntington Beach. What a crock. Only a couple of Trumpers showed up, but there must have been 100 camera-toting people hoping to see a confrontation. Lots of police in normal street uniforms, but that didn't prevent them from pushing people on the ground. You would think they would have learned. Anyhow, a total waste of Huntington Beach, which is a beautiful surfing beach usually well populated this time of year with scantily clad bodies. The event was in the business district. Which is not so beautiful. And most people were dressed for fall, not the 70F temps they were having.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on who calls, when
And what gets delivered, when
Minor fish store shopping