April 14th, 2021


Third Monday

Monday was busy, yesterday was full of FAIL, so today was 3rd Monday.

Morning was dull, no streamers so I watched some TV.

1 pm appointment at Nail And, but they treated me like a walk-in. Waited half an hour but this time they sat me next to the person who was being worked on and we chatted a little. And the tech made sure I knew I was up next.

The manicure was adequate. She rushed through it but did all the steps. It looks okay, but not as shiny as I am used to. If I go back I'll go as a walk-in, later in the afternoon.

In the mailbox was a letter from the park claiming I owed a balance. Once again they spelled my name wrong on the envelope. I called to complain (I pay for auto-pay, their system is broken). The accountant did not call back so this time I'll complain to Corporate, which is not BBB accredited and has a D- rating.

Home, two dead fish and the tank was all cloudy. Female bettas. The filter pump was not producing its usual strong stream, so I took it out of the tank, brought it to the sink and cleaned it. And inside I found the missing piece, it was inside the input pipe. Pulled that out, changed the filters and put it back in the tank. Part of the problem is the water level in the tank was too high, so I scooped out half a gallon, which helped.

But it's still cloudy, maybe from the zucchini and the algae wafers. If the cleaned up filter doesn't clear it overnight, I'll go to Petco and get some clarifier solution.

I don't know if it's a gourami or a betta, but something started a bubble nest inside a hollowed-out zucchini slice.

Did a load of laundry. Spook has laundry radar and likes to "help"

It's been too long since I heard from Maam's foster, Miki, so I sent her an SMS of Maam on the top of the recliner.

Instacart driver messed up my delivery from Smith's. Got lost, didn't know how to enter the gate code and by the time she got here the ice cream was melting.

Emptied the dryer and ran the dishwasher. Needed a salad bowl for dinner.

Baked in the toaster oven a couple of pieces of Texas garlic toast, topped with crab meat and swiss cheese for dinner.

Watched American Idol, I think they sent the right people home. One country growler I don't like was the victim of bad antenna reception. Tried to watch the latest Henry what's his name's roots but it was all messed up from bad antenna location. So I fired up Amazon Fire and watched the very first episode on Prime. And PTI on Sling. Love Island  was a repeat. Lots of free streaming stuff is old episodes.

Streamed for 45 minutes, no one chatted. Several lurkers.

It took 3 calls to my PCP's office to connect with the referrals person. Looks like my ophthalmologist is no longer on their list, and the podiatrist should not be. She said she would fix the problem with the cardiologist.

Sold a stagnant mutual fund and bought one with a better record. All in my IRA, so only on paper.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the fish tank status
But I plan to sleep in and listen to the LVFD scanner.