April 15th, 2021



Woke up at 3 am, Hgl was 130, which means that was not what woke me up. Turned on the TV, made a glass of chocolate milk (and then another) and then back to bed at about 4:30.

Slept in, did not get out of bed till noon. Spook joined me in bed from about 6 am till I was out of the shower.

No breakfast, just not hungry and it was almost lunch time. Trail mix snack.

The aquarium was still very cloudy. All 4 of the new glass cats died. Drove to the Petco with the big fish section. GPS took me on an insane route with way too many turns.

Unlike the last time, I was asked if I needed help as soon as I got to the fish section. Not there for fish, so I didn't. Found three cloudy tank solutions, also three containers of moss which looked like it was still alive.

And on the way out picked up a container of cat grass. Spook loves the stuff and hasn't had any on ages. Turned off the GPS and headed down Eastern Ave to Tropicana. Much easier route. Eastern parallels the airport on the other side from the Strip.

Home, applied the first clarifier, and set a timer for 6 hours. But after 2 there was no change so I tried #2. And then #3. And at 6 hours more of the anti-algae liquid. And changed the filter, which was already full.

It still looks bad. But all the fish seem to like the moss. And there are nest bubbles everywhere.

Turned down the thermostat a little.

Called the office about the overdue bill, but did not get the jerk online who misspelled my name three times. So I looked up corporate on BBB and wrote a nastygram to the controller, who is listed as the one and only point of contact. They are not BBB members and have a D-minus rating. Will mail it tomorrow.

Stray cats are back, so are pigeons. But not raccoons.

Watched some American Idol and The Voice.  I mostly agreed with the decisions on both.

Almost fell asleep during the RPCV zoom meeting. Texas toast and some green olives perked me back up. And soda with fresh lime. And fudge ripple.

Spook has been struggling with the cat grass. The container is too light for her to pull the blades out. But it makes a lot of noise. Maam is not interested.

Gold Rush is kind of boring too. Way too much narration. And we're down to one operation instead of the usual 5.

Plans for tomorrow:
Albertson's for milk and fruit bowls and maybe blue bunny treats
time to re-order scharffen-berger but maybe I should go to Ethel M instead.
Get back on track with meals.