April 16th, 2021


A pair of short shopping trips

The usual breakfast,and some time watching Twitch streams.
Unloaded the dryer.
Treated the aquarium again. Changed the filters again. The water is less cloudy but not clear. Many nest bubbles. I think what we have is algae bloom from adding too many algae tabs for the bottom feeders. Actually all the fish like them.
Lowered the temp, maybe a tad too much.
The new moss has sunk to the bottom as hoped.

Spook seems to be jealous of the fish. She vocalizes at me when I sit down to watch them.

Finishing the last bit of Scharffen-Berger 82%, and it's too hot to have more shipped, so I drove up the hill to Ethel M, and bought a 12-pack of cherry cordials, and one of creme cordials and three dark chocolate mint bars (like pillow mints, only thicker). Dropped those off at home, then off to Albertson's for fruit bowls, milk, Parmesan, and ice cream treats. Oh also salad dressing.

Home again. More anti-fog into the tank and one more filter change.

Not many streamers left. Watched Gold Rush on SlingTV. Took a nap but it turned into a lot of listening to LVFD traffic on the scanner app. Many calls for medical emergencies, an accident in front of my local Walmart, an angry woman with a knife somewhere, two ODs, and a car drives into a building. The building was unhurt. Not sure about the car or driver. Sometime around 6 pm the scanner was turned off by its operators. That happens a lot with the LV area scanners.

Too many trips to the loo today. I'm blaming the lime sodas.

More Sling - PTI and The First 48. Nothing on Tivo now that PBS doesn't give a workable signal. I should get a bigger antenna. I think there will be one more Graham Norton to watch. Sadly, no Dr. Who and BBC America is mostly old StarTrek episodes.

Lots of stuff on Twitter. And some on FB.

Lunch was Stouffer's lasagna, dinner was salad and a meat loaf & potatoes small frozen meal. Also mint chip ice cream and I baked up 4 Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers and ate one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try not to get too bored.
Hang up shirts & fold & put away undies