April 20th, 2021



Lots of today dealt with water. The aquarium water conditioner was delivered in the morning, so Plan A, emptied half the water from the tank, and a lot of the moss. Removed the large ornament and then the two large rocks under it - which released a dead redtail. Removed the rocks and put the ornament directly on the gravel.

The water conditioner works instantly, which surprised me, used to take hours. Put 10 gallons of conditioned water into the tank, replaced the filter again, but even after a day the water is still a little cloudy.

So I have ordered a more powerful filter, one which uses biomass as well as filters. That should be here tomorrow.

While I was doing water things, I drilled the holes and mounted a hummingbird feeder to the front of the house and mixed up new nectar for it. And also for the big feeder on the carport. Can't remember if I did that for the one on the front ramp. What got me to do that is as I was at the PC this morning a hummingbird hovered in front of the windows looking at me, first on the left side then on the right, and then back again. I had not seen a hummer in weeks.

Three strays got some food, but most of it went to the pigeons. I have to remember to take the food in by noon.

Ran the rug cleaner on Maam's last barf. It did a good job.

Texas toast with lox for lunch
Salad and ice cream for dinner.

Watched two episodes of PTI except today's was pre-empted by talking heads about the murder trial. I watched a streamer play the verdict live. Great moment in history. Now we need to try the cop who shot someone dead with her "tazer".

Below Deck Sailing Yacht keeps getting more soap opera-y, the boson has the hots for stew #3 who is not attracted at all, while his very cute deck hand continues to boink him. The 7 foot tall deck hand is boinking the very tiny #2 stew.

American Idol and The Voice continue to have lots of singing but way too much backstory. Some very fine singers on both, but on Idol it's the whole presentation which counts while the Voice is all about the voice.

Took a nap at 6, but ended up on a chat line.

This evening's Tivo was Finding Your Roots, which is always fascinating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on when the filter pump arrives
Or not. I may go to the big Petco anyway
Maybe check out a massage place
Albertson's for greens & bananas & fruit bowls