April 26th, 2021


Another bullet bitten

I've needed a new stove since I first moved in. The gas range elements are messed up, gas/air mixture is off on all of them - stains the bottoms of pans and the top of the stove. And the oven was not cleaned before the previous owner moved out. There may also be an issue with the oven pilot light because the floor by the oven is always warm.

So I've ordered a wi-fi enabled LG 5-burner 30-inch stove from Lowe's. Because Home Depot was out of stock and did not have a way to order installation. Tentative deliver on Cinco de mayo. Part of my IRS refund will pay for that.

More dead fish. This time the blue male betta. Looks like he got caught in the moss,probably trying to escape the big gourami. The water is mostly clear, but probably still poisonous. I fitted the filter pump intake with a foam pre-filter to keep small fish from being sucked in. I think that's how most of the neons died (I have 1 left out of 11).  Also delivered today was a water softening "pillow" for the filter, but I'll try the driftwood first. Boiled the 5 small pieces for a couple of hours to waterlog them, and put 3 in the tank. The theory is the tannins in the wood will soften the water. I'll test it tomorrow and see.
 In the mail were co-pay bills from cardiology & CT scan.

Allstate called, and gave me a number to talk to their internet support people, who were supposed to email me when my old account had been nuked, but no email arrived. Their system was down when I called. Irony.

Personal pizza for lunch. Ice cream for a per-dinner snack. Binge watching old reality TV on amazon fire. Shark Tank on Tivo.

Took out all the garbage in the morning but nothing was collected till after 2 pm.

FL fisherman did not stream his trip, he was too far from shore, he says. No other streamers caught my eye.

Windy and cloudy all day, full moon was not visible.

Around dusk I went outside to see the clouds and the "yeller" stray came right up to me, yelled for food and let me pet him, so I tossed out a handful of kibble, which he munched, but not till he made friends with Spook. He rubbed against the screen door and Spook pushed her face against it. After he left Spook tried to make friends with Maam but got screamed at.

Still getting the run around about my referrals. It may be time to change clinics. Will look into that tomorrow.

If the weather isn't too bad I should go to the bird sanctuary oasis.