April 30th, 2021


Ho Hum

On the scanner was a major fire at the biggest park in LV. Two alarms and working with park police to close roads. And in another incident, a 24 year old man sliced off a finger.

Spent way too much time on hold and arguing with the dimwit cardiology appointment scheduler. Meanwhile, new ophthalmologist's office called and scheduled me in 3 minutes.  

Lunch was the last of the fruit bowl, except for the leather-like mango slices. I should make a smoothie. Heated up two of the lamb chops and some rice for dinner, after the usual salad.

Only two streamers were on Twitch and both bailed by noon.
Watched PTI and Temptation Island on the 4k and Hot Bench on Tivo.

Delivered was a pair of Tamron lens caps (replace one I lost at the Thai temple plus a spare) and a heavy duty extension cord for the compact freezer.

Going to bed early. Need to be up at 6.**

Plans for tomorrow:
Put Spook in the bedroom and Maam in the guest room
**Workers coming at 7 to remove the prison doors and install sliding screens
Compact freezer due. I've made space for it in the dining room/office
Catch up on the NFL draft. FF is my friend.