May 15th, 2021


Against my better judgment

After breakfast I decided the car needed some more miles on it in 99° heat, so I drove about 11 miles to the Petco with the huge aquarium department.

But first, next door neighbor texted that our favorite stray was stuck 50 feet up a tree across the street. Apparently he had been there all night. They got up onto the roof of the house next door, but even an opened can of tuna could not lure the cat down. The cat recognized me and yelled to me, as he usually does, but there was nothing I could do. Just before sundown he was still up there. Very high winds and the tree recently had been trimmed, so no way down.

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Got some anacharis plants and a pair of pearl gouramis. Wanted 4 but the fish woman said that's too much for a 20 gallon tank. These ones are juveniles, less than an inch long, but they can grow to 4-5 inches.

On Eastern Ave which parallels the airport, saw a long line of planes waiting for departure.  Have not seen so many before.

Home, planted the anacharis, parked the fish in their bag for an hour.

Nobody streaming anything I wanted to watch.

Half a bowl of honeydew and half a bowl of cantaloupe for lunch.

Watched season 3 of Are You The One? Totally unbelievable matchmaking results, especially the miracle 10 matches at the end.

Watched one episode of Dr. Phil in which he had some actual science done. Young man with severe and sudden anger problems - MRI showed he had been hit in the head at least 7 times as a 12-13 year old, something he has no conscious memory of.

And one episode of Hot Bench where an unlicensed driver totaled his girlfriend's car, and her lapsed insurance paid for a new car for her but nothing for the car he ran into. The judges ended up kicking the defendants out of the courtroom because they were stupid and wouldn't shut up.

Shark Tank was kind of boring, except one shark invested in a one trick pony because he wanted to hire the marketing person.

Delivered to my mailbox was a remote for the AV receiver. Finally was able to set up surround sound. It still needs tweaking.

Put the car on the charger.

No plans for tomorrow except check on the stray cat.