May 16th, 2021


Epic Day

It rained for the first time this year. And only the second time since I moved here in March 2020.

Prediction in the MyRadar app was 20% chance of rain at 4 pm. After a warm & sunny morning, clouds rolled in around 3 pm, wind whipped up to 30MPH or more. I sat out on my carport, it sounded like hail, and the street wasn't wet for about 20 minutes, then rain started coming down sideways, wetting the side of my car and my front windows. It only lasted till 4:20, and everything was dry almost immediately. But the wind continued to shake the metal carport roofs.

First thing in the morning, I looked outside and there was no cat in the tree and no ladders propped up by the roof next door. Text from next door neighbor said her husband went on the roof and the cat walked across a branch to him. Yay!

Lost one algae eater. Had to re-seat the intake tube in the filter pump again.
Fishing and storm chasing streams to watch. I fired up my hummingbird feeder cam, and there were actual hummingbirds from time to time.

Tried watching Gold Rush but it has gotten tedious. They keep abusing the equipment and are surprised when it breaks.

Masked Singer on Tivo was unwatchable, poor signal.

1/3 of the way through Are You The One season 4. So much stupidity and toxic testosterone. And WTF is with an Israeli jerk on this show?

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Plans for tomorrow:
Collect all the garbage/recycled and get the bins to the curb by 10.
3 pm mobile cat groomer is due to give Spook a lion cut & nail trim.
Expect Spook to hate me and Maam to be confused.