May 17th, 2021


Lion Cut [was Placeholder]

Monday ended well, but GI issues from 4 am till about 2 pm were nasty enough to post in a myself-only entry.

So let's start with that.

Watched the 4th season of Are You The One? which appears to be the final free offering on Amazon Prime. Once again, the contestants show how badly the matchmakers have done. Being guided by their hearts cost them $250k in bonus cash right off the bat, and another quarter million later - I think the rules for what a blackout is was changed. Used to be if there was one confirmed match then there was one "beam" and they were safe. But this one and season 3 it was new matches, and they could (and did) black out even with confirmed matches on board.

The highlight of the day is I had a 3 pm appointment with a mobile grooming service to give Spook a "Lion cut", basically cut off all her fur except for her "mane" and the tip of her tail, and maybe the ends of her paws. Last year she was badly matted by June, and I called the same groomer who gave her a bath and untagled the mats. I remember that last time after I made the reservation on Yelp I didn't hear anything from the groomer until she was at the front gate, maybe 5 minutes late.

Same thing this time. At 2:55 I put Spook in her carrier, and the groomer was at the gate at 3:05.

She was done in about 45 minutes, maybe less. And charged me less than last time (Lion cut is less work, and $5 off for repeat customer).



I knew in theory that her coloring was in her skin, but seeing it with no fur was something of a mind-blower.

Maam was very upset to see Spook in the carrier, and was curious when she returned, but still makes rude noises at her. Even without fur, Spook is a lot bigger.

Two noticeable side effects if the trim: with her nails trimmed she was not able to climb onto the recliner to get on my lap, and she found it a challenge to position her head to get a drink from the fountain.

She slept on the bed with me much of the night, but was hiding under the bed and in the bathroom too.

Dr Phil just keeps getting worse. He doesn't know how to shut down loudmouth bullies. Pretty much sucks that way as a psychologist. His Gentle Giant act is probably what got him through the program. I switched off halfway through this time,

Plans for Tuesday:
Charge a battery for the porch camera.
Put out food for the strays
Watch The Voice