May 18th, 2021



I did nothing useful today except:
Laundered some soiled items (too hot to run the dryer till morning)
Watched The Voice choose the ugliest voice as its first finalist and kick one of the best voices to the curb. FAIL
Watched American Idol choose the one Country singer who was left, the very large gospel singer and then it was between the skinny teen girl who reminds me of Janice Jopplin only with a superb voice, and a woman with an even better voice whose bottom is the size and shape of Kansas.
Flipped the hallway runner front to back to avoid tripping over the worn spot
Discovered that the accessories for the LG stove which the manual says are optional actually do not exist

Spook is more put off by her trimmed claws than her haircut. She managed to climb the livingroom tower for the first time in ages.
There have been hummingbirds at the feeder, stray cats at the kibble bowl and a few birds of species I am unfamiliar with briefly perching across the street.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably more of the same
Or I may take the camera out somewhere
Maybe put the cast iron griddle on the stove top