May 20th, 2021


Nothing Day suddently becomes something

More research into my GI issues showed that most of my beverages needed an upgrade. The only thing on the list I have a lot of is ginger ale - Soda Stream syrups.  They advised against caffeine, which surprised me because cola is a well-known tummy soother. And I have lots of that too. Electrolytes were on the list, Gatorade. And liquid instead of chewable bismuth.

So I logged onto Albertson's and ordered delivery (90°+ and 50 mph gusts and the GI issue said stay home). Apple juice, Gatorade, Kaopectate, whole milk (I have enough chocolate syrup), sourdough rye bread, PNB & peanut oil. Arriving between 11 and 2.  

It arrived at 11:45, I was in the loo at the time.

Orange Gatorade because they were out of lime, and a dozen HB eggs which I had not ordered. They were apparently in my cart from the last time. Frozen avocado chunks which I forgot to put on tonight's salad.

2:15 I walked to the clubhouse for the happy hour concert, but when I got there it was empty. The event is next week. Checked my mailbox, it was empty. Very windy walk.

Home, grabbed my Sodastream empties and the eye doctor bill. Drove to the clinic and they made a copy of the bill and said they would take care of it. Across the street to the PO and deposited the empties in their prepaid mailer box.

The drive there and back was enhanced by a lot of sand in the air and gusts which blew my car side to side a little, and vans a lot.

Home, watched a storm chaser who was pointed at a safely distant cloud formation which looked like a nuclear test blast.

Another streamer gave us a tour of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Very quaint. I know what a stein is, but not a muth.

Florida fishing streamers were elsewhere, too windy to be out in a boat.

Spook again kept me company, she owns the far corner of my bed.

Maam hid under the livingroom side table and made rude noises whenever Spook came by to eat & drink. Spook climbed onto my lap for about 10 minutes of brushing. She still likes best having her face brushed, but she also likes her back brushed, even without fur. Maam climbs onto my tummy to cuddle, and then up to the headrest of the recliner where she guards the front room.

Watched to the end of Are You The One? season 6.  Impossible winning ending again. It was shot in NOLA, and I stole this quote:

Spaghetti & meatballs for lunch, salad and Boston Market beef stroganoff for dinner. Only finished 3/4 wrapped the rest for later.

Plans for tomorrow: