May 21st, 2021


I thought it was earlier in the year

Last year I took a big chunk of change out of my 401k fpr which the brokerage required a big chunk of withholding. As a result I had a huge refund. But $4k of that went for the new car, and what with some home improvements (hot water tank up to code, prison doors removed and sliding screens installed, new stove, Ring cameras and the aquarium), Social Security is not keeping up. So I looked at my brokerage records to see if June would be too early to grab some 401K money again and was shocked to see that withdrawal was in December. But I had sold off most of my brokerage stocks during the year, those were mostly capital losses and had been paid for with after-tax dollars. So yeah, maybe I can justify some.

I just have to stop with the impulse buying.

Which I did more of today. ordered a pair of bamboo pillows. When I made my bed this morning the two pillows were very dirty, and one of them is a MyPillow® so it needs to go into the trash. Today Walmart delivered two sets of drawers which match the two I have in the kitchen and will replace the pop-top containers my food processor gear is in. The new drawers will fit neatly back to back with the older (bought about a year ago) ones.

Had Albertson's groc delivered yesterday, and I made a mistake and have too many HB eggs. I needed Miracle Whip to make deviled eggs, which I can eat nonstop. And my GI adventure reminded me I need to make a cauldron of chicken soup, but all I have is chicken thighs and gizzards, none of the fixings. So today Whole Foods delivered what I needed , plus ginger for my ginger ale and a red onion for salad. Meanwhile for lunch I got out my favorite stove top pot and made minimalist chicken soup:

2 chicken drumsticks
some onion flakes
green peas
chicken bullion
a lot of water
And while digging in the freezer I discovered, in what I thought was the shrimp basket, several sandwich ziplock bags with fried chicken. KFC I think. So I threw in a breast from that as well.

No streamers today, and no TV. I spent most of the day reading from the Kindle app on the tablet, a sci-fi novel which I saw on the Hugo Award nomination list a while ago, Pacific Storm by Linda Nagata. Set in a future Hawaii where climate change has destroyed Paradise and another big hurricane is approaching as a policewoman tries to catch a serial rapist. And then it turns into a case of international intrigue. After a day of reading I thought I was nearing the end but Kindle says no, I'm only about halfway through.

In hummingbird news, there were a few at the feeder, but also goldfinches landed on it, and were pecking at the glue holding the bee guards in place. I don't know if they like the taste of the glue or if the are getting some nectar out. URL is here, slide all the way to the end at 18:06 on the clock (3:06 time stamp) for the finch.

Maam parked herself this morning on Spook's porch view perch. Spook tried to get her to leave but lost some fur in the process. And I got punctured on my hand before I snapped a towel at her, which worked. I'm getting real tired of Maam's rude noises and lack of respect. But she's a great cuddler. And Spook is learning to stay on my lap more.

Now I'm going to heat up the minimalist soup and make a salad and stay up too late watching TV.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change the litterbox
Set up the new drawers
Make a batch of chicken soup. I hope there's room in the new freezer