May 23rd, 2021


Nothing happened yesterday. Today was better

Spent most of yesterday gulping Kaopectate and Imodium and testing the plumbing. The less said the better.
New sheets on the bed, Spook curled up next to my pillows. She snores. I knew that but it has been a while since she slept close enough for me to hear.

Lots of info on the fire department scanner. There was a rollover accident which was responded to by a jaws of life unit but they were able to rescue the driver without it. He apparently was unharmed. One thing about the FD scanner, once the fire department is done you don't hear the rest of the story. Sometimes it shows up on the local news sites, but not this weekend on account of three homicides. Another case involved a battered woman, and another talked about a man falling down a fight of steps. Plus the one where the woman had heart attack symptoms from mixing alcohol and cocaine.

Breakfast was Gatorade, apple juice, a banana and an everything bagel toasted with butter.

Florida fisherman was on his boat for 4 hours when I tuned in around 10 my time. I watched him for quite a while, as well as the most popular storm chaser who lost his signal just as tornadoes were being reported, and a former member of that chaser group who was closing in on the same Colorado storm from a different direction.

Early afternoon I poured myself a glass of milk, took the tablet with the scanner app out on the back steps and enjoyed the 80° weather. Looking over at the empty house next door,  two of the strays we had done a catch and release on were on the porch during the last moments of shade. Yeller came over towards me so I ducked inside and filled a bowl with canned food. He ate most of it, his smaller female friend finished it off. He hung around by the opening in the wall, but then went off into the neighborhood. She stayed until I went inside to refill the owl, but when I came out she was gone.

Looking at the camera, the bowl is still full. All kinds of cats were under the house last night so I'll leave it and hope for no raccoons.

Watched the final 9 results for The Voice, and the good news is the woman with the poodle where her hairdo ought to be is going to have to take it back to the shelter. The bad news is America "saved" the hippie country rock singer instead one of the better voices. He has an okay voice, but he won on looks, costume and his excellent slide guitar playing. Other than that I agreed with the choices.

Shark Tank featured more arguments between the sharks than usual. And I think everyone who made a pitch got an offer.

Lois and Superman is back, and it's all about teenage boy hormones. Excellent cast, some of the special effects were phoned in. Much of the dialog is too repetitive.

Dinner was a salad (with avocado chunks this time) and a bowl of macaroni with slices of turkey franks, and lots of butter. No cheese. Chocolate tracks ice cream with caramel syrup.

Earlier in the day, to ward off GI problems, I chomped on saltines and wheat thins. Gatorade too.

Did not make deviled eggs because I needed a slicer which can cut them in half. On order, due here Tuesday. I prefer to not use a knife on a flat wet surface.

Did not make a cauldron of chicken soup because big projects are daunting. Maybe tomorrow. But I did put the new drawers where I'd planned to, and shifted the food processor and other contents of the pop-top containers into the drawers. And there is room for some misc. electronics now being a mess on the office table.

Delivered (on a Sunday, to my door, by USPS!) was a small portable tablet stand. I actually used to have one of these, it probably went out with my box of work stuff. It's a FAIL though because the tablet's power connector is on the bottom and there is no room for it. It's fine for unplugged, but I went back and ordered one which has room for the cord.

Last week my middle sister's husband retired, she had retired a few months ago. This week they were at Yosemite (they live on the east coast) and today attended a baseball game in Fresno.

Plans for tomorrow:
Chicken soup
Below Deck