May 25th, 2021


Lots of GI follow-up

No bananas so breakfast was an apple turnover. I forgot there was one more banana nut muffin in the freezer.

Deliveries in large boxes today. Crunch & Munch 8 full sized boxes. Way too much sugar, but I needed a replacement for the stale Orville R popcorn. Another big box with a 3-month supply of a famous brand of TMI health care product. And a too-big envelope with the tablet holder that works with the USB cable plugged in.

And UPS dropped off another load of insulin in a cold pack. Just in time I was down to my last vial.

Watched some streamers - fishing and storm chasing.

Called my PCP and she wanted me to get some blood tests and prescribed something called cholestyramine which was developed for high cholesterol but works on a particular bile function which may be causing my GI issue.

2:15 pm at the lab, then home for a short break and up to Walgreen's for the drug. $12.

It's a powder to dissolve in water or juice or milk. Orange flavored tastes like a cheap imitation of Tang.

Next time I'll take it with Gatorade or apple juice instead of water.

Crunch & Munch and a cherry turnover served as lunch.

BASFA zoom meeting went well, but off to a late start.

Salad and then the last of the lamb chops, then mint chip ice cream while watching 3 episodes of The Equalizer. Love that show.

Deleted Dr. Phil. I'm done with that charlatan.

Spook yelled at me to open the bedroom closet, and she spent all day curled up in an old cat bed in the back. When I had it in the front room she peed in it, so I laundered it and threw it into the closet.

She is now stalking Maam who is hiding in a box in the livingroom, making rude noises.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably make a groc run for bananas
Expecting 4 new hummingbird feeders. 8 oz, with built in bee guards. Will replace the ones I messed up.


To do Tuesday

Out of bananas for the 2nd day so instead of breakfast after my usual morning routine I went to the store. Also needed chicken thighs for the soup (all I had were drumsticks and gizzards). I also wanted chicken hearts but would have had to go to the Asian supermarket for that. Stocked up on Apple Juice (they had 3 kinds of house brand but were out of the one i wanted so I had to settle). And also Gatorade.

And a small bag of sugar in case I ran out making hummingbird nectar.

The first project was haul out my big pot and make chicken soup. Mine is a long slow-cook process. I remembered my pot as larger than it is, and the 4 thighs I bought was too much, I had to fish 2 of  them out, bag them and put them in the freezer. Used the food processor on the parsnips and celery. Unfortunately those were already going limp. Mushrooms and onions were fine, I also threw in Thai lime leaves, peeled garlic, baby carrots, black pepper and green peas. Last minute 1/4 cup of barley. It's on the back burner on low, has been going all day but won't be done till morning. My chicken soup is done when all the meat is off the bones.

Put food out for the strays when they showed up. Ordered more paté for them on Chewy.

Delivered: 4 8-ounce hummingbird feeders. Whipped up 4 cups of nectar with hummingbird vitamins but no coloring. Took down the failed feeders and put those up. We'll see...

Also delivered was an egg slicer which has three sets of blades, one will halve the egg. I tried it on an egg from the fridge but said egg had gone bad waiting its turn.

Spook and Maam did a lot of fighting, there is a pile of empty boxes in the living room which makes a nice fortress. Maam keeps climbing me when I'm trying to type on the PC. She keeps getting her thumb claws caught in my shirt.

Called Met Life yesterday and canceled my auto insurance as of the end of the month. Got the final bill today, will pay it on 6/1

Watched a few episodes of The Equalizer. They have taken a left turn into romance. But they are doing it gently.

Also watched 90 Day Pillow Talk which is always entertaining. But SlingTV failed to record the main episodes. I am not happy. I think they have shuffled things off to Discovery + which I refuse to pay extra for.

PTI had two episodes to watch, which is also a WTF because there were none yesterday and should have been.

Took a nap around 2 pm, slept for half an hour.

No streamers. But I kept the hummingbird feeder stream going all afternoon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Banana breakfast
ladle the soup into containers for the freezer
Make deviled eggs
Watch Gold Rush and whatever else is on Sling and Tivo