May 27th, 2021


Busy day and lots of boxes

Spook slept next to my pillows again all night. Maam was on the porch view perch.

Banana & egg breakfast.

10:20 cardiologist appointment, she was an hour late. Not much she could do with me what with the GI issues of last week.

Home, several storm chasers to watch.

Delivered yesterday was a pair 24-can cases of paté cat food. Did I mention that? Put out the last of the morsels and that was gone by the time I got home.

First delivery today was a squeegee for the car. This place is so dusty that any water on the car makes it dirty. I probably should find a drive-thru car wash. I think there's one just past the lab. Meanwhile I have plenty of windex.

Delivered in a kludged cold pack was a dozen 3-oz bars of 82% Scharffen-Berger chocolate, IMHO the best dark chocolate bar on the planet. $5 each. One bar makes for 5 bedtime snacks. So this is a 2-month supply.

Next delivery was a pair of bamboo cloth pillows. They arrived tightly rolled, but puffed right up. I think they will be very comfortable.

After my FAILed deviled egg filler, FB friends and relatives suggested guac. I threw some avocado chunks into the food processor, squeezed in half a lime and spooned that into 2/3 of the whites. Added some peanut oil to Laura Scudders PNB and filled the rest with that. That was dinner - the avocado was bland, but the peanut butter was excellent. I had a lot of avocado left over, it's in small plastic containers in the freezer.

My final lab test came back - the bug my PCP was looking for was not there. She said it was a long shot.

2:30 I was at the clubhouse - walked there in 96° heat but only 20% humidity and a nice breeze. Free soft drinks, but no snacks. Entertainment by an excellent 55+ black singer who has an impressive portable DJ setup. The clubhouse has a parquet floor and lots of women were up line dancing. The singer got up and taught a line dance to the hardcore dancers as she sang along with it. No men line danced but a few joined their wives for the one slow song.

A few of the park staff showed up, and seemed to have a good time.

Hit the mailbox on the way home, all junk, including the weekly shopper.

Monday is Memorial Day. June 1 Las Vegas goes to pre-pandemic rules. Buffets are starting to open and shows are returning to the casino hotels.

Ran the dishwasher. Took out kitchen garbage & recycleds. There will be more.

Watched Gold Rush and two episodes of 90 Day.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am phone appt with PCP
Back to salad before dinner, and probably chicken soup