May 28th, 2021


Back to Bettas

Spook was curled up next to the pillows all night and complained when I wanted my half of the bed. Her fur is slowly growing. Very slowly. She did desert me at about 4 am during one of my pit stops to attack Maam in the livingroom.

Took my time getting out of bed, listened to the LVFD scanner, there were a couple of major accidents (4-door coupe vs. a wall, car vs power pole - line down) and one fire which required evacuating some apartments. And the usual shortness of breath cases plus an unusual one - a pregnant person whom they IDed twice as female.

Out of bed around 10, Hgl was a bit high but lower than the last two readings. 11 am phone call from PCP came in on time, we talked for 20 minutes. The bug she was afraid might have been involved wasn't, all the red flag blood test readings were nominal except white blood cell count which was not much above normal and she said by now it would be back to normal now that the GI stuff is under control. And she wanted to make sure I stopped taking imodium. And that I made an appointment for a hematology lab, which I had not done since it looked like a breast cancer clinic.

Called that clinic, got a very professional appointment scheduler who said my PCP had not sent in a referral (but they had - it was on my PCP app)  she had to check with Humana and my PCP and will call back. That did not happen today and what with the holiday it won't happen till Tuesday at the earliest.

Took food out to the carport but the strays had already been there early in the morning and left it for the pigeons, who only sampled it. Also took the squeegee out and windexed the car windows but the squeegee is an awkward size for the windows and did not do a lot of good. I did get rid of some stuff off the windshield.

But the car was very dirty so I drove to the drive-through car wash up on Tropicana. Very nice modern place, they showed me how to get the Leaf into neutral. It is not intuitive. Following the schematic on the shifter puts it into B (very low gear).  Have to hold it in place for 5 seconds.

Next stop, Trop. Original plan was a couple of young angel fish, a male lyretail and a couple of small algae eaters. But shifted gears to my original plan, one male and three female bettas and a pair of gold algae eaters.

Home, floated the fish for an hour and fixed the filters on the filter pump. The new fish seem to be doing well. My two pearl gouramis are butting lips like kissing gouramis. I wonder if they are a mated pair or two males.

On Tivo, The Voice winner was my #3 pick, my #1 was the first loser. My #2 was #2. Thankfully the fake rock and roll cowboy did not place. But unlike American Idol,  all 5 finalists deserved to be there.

Dinner salad and more chicken soup. Last of the mint chip ice cream. Ordered a new scoop, my heavy duty one has had it.

Ran a dishwasher load & put stuff away.

Fedex delivery of TMI items.

I signed up for CenturyLink internet. They will install it on 6/2. It is only 10Mbps/700kbps compared to Cox's 180 Mbps/ 10 mbps but who knows? If it's adequate it is 1/3 the price. If not I can cancel (no contract).

Spook attacked Maam again. Maam screams and they both do their Edward Scissorhands act.

Both cats found some lap time with me. Not at the same time.

Watched 3 PTI episodes. Sling displayed them out of order. Started watching the next 90 Day but to be continued.

Started updating my cats page. Added photos of Heidi and Maam. Need some text.

Thought I had some easy income, a company in Ireland partnered with an auction site in Poland to have their English language messages edited. I did one set, but the second set was a mess. These were supposed to only need minor corrections with grammar, but the second set was about 20 messages each in a different style, most needed to be completely rewritten. So I said sorry, this is not what I signed up for, bye.

Plans for tomorrow:
May 29 was Mom's birthday. It was also JFK's. When I was in the Peace Corps JFK had been dead for a dozen years, and Shriver sent us a note saying we celebrate his birthday, not the day he died. I'm the same way with my parental units, despite the fact the orthodox Jews mourn on the anniversary of a person's death. I think that' s sick.

There will probably be storm chasers and fishing streams to watch, plus the rest of 90 Day