May 29th, 2021


Stay home Friday

Spook gets more affectionate every day. He jumped onto my lap twice today. Meanwhile Maam is being a nuisance climbing onto my desk and sitting at my feet reaching up at my tummy with her claws. She does sit on my lap when I'm on the recliner, but soon jumps to the headrest.

I did not get around to finishing my cat pages on the web. Completely forgot.

Down to my last banana and am out of salad greens so much as I hate to go tomorrow, will need a shopping trip.

Today (May 29) was my Mom's birthday, which she shared with JFK. And I guess also Bob Hope. And Tenzing Norgay.

Fishing guy only was out half a day, before I was online. Two storm chasers were in CO being covered by a TV crew. They usually chase separately but ended up parked in the same place. They saw some distant rain.

Read the news. The light rail killer in hindsight had reason to be angry. He was a long time worker in the main yard but they changed his assignment to repairing substations, which meant getting him away from his co-workers. From what is being reported he was not a nice guy. It's likely that the people he targeted were the ones who got him kicked out of his workplace. He had a ton of ammo, including illegal clips. California's strict gun control laws do not work.

Salad and chicken soup for dinner. An episode of Gold Rush in which they meet their goal, and last week's Below Deck Sailing Yacht which Sling should have shown in my DVR section but didn't.  It did show two 90 Day episodes which I'd already deleted.

On Tivo there were 5 episodes of Hot Bench. So many stupid people. And so many lousy liars.

Took a nap for half an hour around 3. Bored.

Watched some new videos on fish tank filters and ordered a new one.

Kicking myself because I missed yesterday's BBQ. I totally spaced on it.

Plans for tomorrow: