May 30th, 2021


Bulk garbage eve

For the past 2 weeks a large pile of big boxes and stuff has been collecting in my livingroom. Tonight was the time to organize it and haul it out to the curb. Included were three very old pillows, a mattress cover and a couple of pop-top plastic containers. and the foam cold pack for my last insulin shipment. Amazon packed 8 boxes of Crunch & Munch in a long narrow wholesale box, which was in turn packed in a longer, wider box with lots of brown paper. Chewy put the two 24-can boxes of cat food into one large Chewy box. The two sets of drawers (to replace the pop-tops) were sent in a huge box. It was kind of a Russian dolls process organizing it to get to the curb.

Not made easier by a small accident I had this morning. Sitting in my office chair, my glasses landed on the floor, and when I bent down to pick them up the wheels of the chair slid out from under me, and I hit the floor on my butt with the chair on top of me. It took a few minutes to figure out how to get up, right the chair and retrieve my glasses. Major bruise pain on my left glute.

Morning, Spook was in bed again. After breakfast I drove to Albertson's and followed my list, mostly. Bananas, watermelon slices $1.99 instead of bowls of cut watermelon $5.00. Apple "cider" was a 3-fer, they were out of plain house brand but the cider is apparently pure apple juice not from concentrate. Apple is replacing orange, because citrus annoys my tummy. On a whim got some mango nectar. And instead of one planned ice cream novelty I got mini éclairs. Discovered after dinner (salad & beef stroganoff) that those need to thaw first.

Lunch today was a fruit bowl.

Fishing guy was only on for a short time in the evening, storm chaser did not find a tornado. Watched a woman in Australia fishing off a dock and two guys in San Diego fishing on the beach. And a woman and her golden retriever somewhere near here camping out. I streamed my front hummingbird feeder which also had chickadees and goldfinches. A bird bath would be a good idea maybe. At 21% humidity the water probably would not last long.

On Tivo I had Superman & Lois, which is getting into parallel universes and not doing a very good job of it. Channel surfing I found a station which plays an episode of each Star Trek flavor in order sort of. I am reminded I was overseas when seasons 1 and 2 aired, I have not seen much of the early episodes. TNG and DS9 I saw all of, do not like Kate Mulgrew or Scott Bakula so stopped watching.

And there was a marathon on Court TV of drug undercover agents.

More filter pump research. I cleaned the pump filter, but also ordered a better newer model.

Plans for tomorrow:
The rest of the garbage to the curb
Try to ignore memorial day (I put my flag out today)