June 1st, 2021


Here be non-PC opinions, and maybe a dragon or two

June apparently is "Pride" month.

I have a problem with that word. And with the word "gay" in the same context.

Only the words.

People will love whom they love. I'm fine with that.

But the movement has stolen a word from the English language which used to mean happy, joyous, care-free and could be applied to anyone, anywhere, in any context. That once-wonderful word now means same-sex activities. Okay it was originally stolen because they objected to being called "queer", but that is so 20th Century. Homosexuals now embrace that word. But refuse to give us back "gay".

Pride is also a word which used to mean something universal, but it has been stolen to mean only one kind of pride. And frankly, there's no longer anything to be proud of. There used to be -  in the early days it was a giant struggle. I know, I volunteered in downtown San Francisco at the AIDS awareness tent city. The first few pride parades in the Castro were a major struggle, and blood was shed.

But that was 50 years ago. Most of you have nothing to be proud of anymore. The battle is over, the right team won, give it a rest. Give us our words back.

I have similar feelings about Memorial Day. IMHO, nobody in the American military fought to protect our freedoms since WWII. All the other wars have been to protect the military-industrial complex and to kill people who don't look like us. After Vietnam most people joined the military for employment and the educational and health benefits. And then the government changed the rules and sent them to kill and be killed by people who don't look like them. I mourn their deaths but don't thank them for their service.  
In other news, it was super-hot here. 104F. Very happy Spook got shorn. I ran the dryer overnight, it was about 85F before breakfast when I unloaded it.

It's June Fools Day. Also my closest co-worker friend's birthday. We have not worked together for more than 5 years but we keep in touch.

And all my sisters were born in  June. Very convenient.
In tech news, SlingTV is a bust, it fails to record the shows I schedule, and hides them under "you may like these". I canceled the subscription and signed up for YouTubeTV, which I had been avoiding doing. During the 2 years I worked at Google, I tested plain YouTube on all the devices, and YTTV was in alpha test - they hit me up to subscribe many times but it wasn't ready for prime time yet.
I've been playing shows on my Tivo 4K and Amazon Fire 4K, and could also play directly on my smart TV. It does get confused between my plain YT and YTTV, but I'm seeing programs I want to see when i want to see them.

Tomorrow my high speed Cox Cable internet is being switched out for a low speed, low cost CenturyLink connection. I'm not sure it can handle my very automated home, or my streaming, but we'll see. It's easy enough to cancel. My theory is I only use one or 3 devices at a time.

Delivered today was a special filter for the new tank pump, and later in the day the pump itself. Two more filters due tomorrow.

Got a call from the hematology lab, she said there is another branch closer to me, and would have their scheduler call me. And of course they did not.

Watermelon and ice cream for lunch. Salad and beef & broccoli for dinner. Watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Ghosted. Cued up Masked Singer on YTTV because over the air that bank of channels doesn't come in well enough.

Hung up the shirts. Spook did not help. Instead she curled up in the closet on the cat bed.

Very active LVFD scanner today, an apartment fire, a rollover crash and lots of drug-related medical calls.

At midnight Nevada and especially my county reverted to pre-pandemic rules. I need to get out and test that.

Plans for tomorrow:
CenturyLink installation
swap aquarium pumps
Maybe a massage
If $$ from my IRA arrive, call a handyman or 2 about replacing the carport steps and maybe also the porch steps and repairing the shed door.