June 3rd, 2021


Nailed it - sort of

Pigeons got the cat food this morning. They spatter the walls. Messy eaters, messy poopers.

CenturyLink tech showed up at 11, it turns out they are using plain telephone wire, and I would need to use their modem.  The tech agreed that the speeds would not be nearly enough for my needs, so I sent him away and asked him to cancel the order. I'm stuck with Cox cable Internet.

However, as for TV, YouTubeTV sent me a link to set up the shows I wanted to record, and I should have plenty of things to watch on the streaming devices now.

The funds from my IRA are sitting in my checking account being processed. When that clears I have a credit card to pay off and will call around for a handyman to fix the carport steps, and maybe the porch steps, and maybe the shed door.  

To do things to-done:  Finished filling in my cats page. Hauled to the shed the large wooden piece which used to be my carpet protector when my office chair was on carpet. I had been using it to flatten ridges in the livingroom rug. Ridges are gone. Also hauled the box of sofa wheels out to the shed. I may need them sometime in the future but not soon. Refilled two of the feeders with a little less sugar and a lot less vitamins and hung them up. Replaced a battery with a charged one on the carport cam.

Watched a little of the FL fisher guy but he has become annoying verbally, and really not knowing how to catch the fish he is going for. He loses a lot of bait, some of it huge fish which would make good people food.

Long phone chat with youngest sister about lots of stuff. She needed the backstory for this:

Found the web page for the new nails place behind CVS. Drove there and even though the hours posted on the door and the banner above the door said they were open, they were not.

Tried two more places along Tropicana, and they were also closed - covid hours. Finally found a well-hidden one called Nail Image, open till 7, and it was packed. I knew it would be an hour's wait, but they were very nice, gave me a place to sit, got me some water and told me I didn't need the mask. Yay! I got there just before 5, did not get out till 7. My tech was a young man, pleasant guy, and he noticed that many of my nails needed to be totally redone, so he re-did them all, and botched the removal pretty badly. But he did a repair job that looks okay from a distance. Next time I'll make an appointment.

When I got home Spook yelled at me. I was gone longer than usual. She did her usual shy thing but eventually jumped onto my lap. Maam was on my lap later, Spook was not pleased.

Delivered today was a "cookie scoop" aka an ice cream scoop. The kind with a lever to eject the ice cream. It did not work too well, not heavy enough. Also got one of three sets of filters for the new pump. Need the other two filters more.

Dinner was salad and the last of the non-frozen chicken soup.

Watched Star Trek episode 2, a precursor of Q.  Also Superman & Lois, now with extra angst. Lois is having a breakdown because she did not take enough time to grieve 18 years ago when she had a miscarriage. And the parallel universe is still a mystery being presented as if it was a dream sequence.

T-Mobile says we have full 5G coverage here and in the nature preserves, and they have a 55+ unlimited plan for the same price I'm paying for limited. But both their app and web site are buggy so no joy there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the last set of filters in the new pump and install it
Drive to the T-Mobile store and get the 55+ plan and maybe a 5G phone. There was something about a trade-in for my current 4G phone.
108° expected. We hit 107 today.

Phone Fun

After breakfast the plan was to go to T-Mobile, change to the 5+ unlimited data plan and maybe get a 5G phone.

It only took 90 minutes, plus 10 minutes waiting.

And it turned out better than expected. The new plan required a new phone number, so my old old old Palo Alto area code is gone and now I have a Las Vegas 702 number. When I first moved here I tried to get one but I was with Verizon and all they had was suburban 725.

They gave a generous trade-in allowance for my phone, and bottom line is I scored an $1100 5G phone for $240 and unlimited data for $5/mo more than limited.

They were able to transfer about 90% of my info, including my apps in the same look & feel. However, I did have to log into most of them, and some of them had stupid 2-step verification which sent the code to my old phone number. Google was the worst - it wanted to send it to any o 3 devices I either no longer own or did not accept text messages.

A lot of the day was spent on the PC and on the phone updating my various accounts.

Tivo 4k would not play PTI at all from YouTubeTV and Amazon Fire played it about 2 seconds out of sync. Very annoying.

Did get all the Masked Singer episodes and watched #2.

Lots more content on YTTV

Spook attacked Maam again. Maam has been a nuisance - climbing all over me while I was working on the PC.

I set up the green screen poles behind the home theater, in front of the (closed) bay windows and ordered some hanging plants.

Joined the RPCV zoom, but that will be the last time. All males except for one silent woman.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the new pump
Other duties as assigned (dishwasher)