June 4th, 2021


More record heat

So I went to the mailbox early and got the Amazon package which had been reported to be on my porch, but wasn't. 87F at 9:30 am, it got to 109 today.

Spent a lot of time getting 2-layer verification going on a  lot of my phone apps. The only one which did no get done was Twitch which uses some lame 3rd party service and it takes several days for them to correct the phone number.

Called middle sister and sang Happy Friday to her. It scans with Happy Birthday, as do all the days of the week.

Updated my Amazon subscriptions.  Watched some Catfish and some Star Trek. 'd seen both episodes before but whatever. FL fish guy took the morning off (no boat) but I saw his last half hour around sunset.

Middle sister called back from her kids' house and had my grand nephew play past of Stars & Stripes Forever on piano. It was pretty good. Difficult chords.

Ordered from the sushi place again. Lunch was slightly soggy tempura but dinner was California rolls and sashimi.

Plans for tomorrow:
stay home