June 5th, 2021


More phone fun. Insulin OD.

Been having high overnight Hgl readings, so today I compensated with the fast acting insulin before meals. Seems I overdid it, while watching Twitch streams at about 4 pm I crashed. Stumbled to bed, slept for 90 minutes. 94 reading when I woke up.

Still locked out of Twitch on all my devices except the PC's app. They have a stupid way of doing security.

Email from Samsung seems to say my hub is going away. Hmmm. The English as a 12th language rep was not too clear in her email.

Watched an episode of the Scott Bakula trek series. Gag me. Horrible writing & acting. The only good news was he woman playing the Vulcan science officer.

Nuked the original Trek episodes too, seems I have seen them all despite having been out of the country when they first aired.

Thanks to YouTube I was able to disable the annoying Google assistant on my phone. It was competing with my home units, several seconds of lag behind. And it kept yelling for me to unlock the phone.

Two quarts of milk which were delivered May 20 had gone bad. Past their use-by dates.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe an Albertson's run.