June 7th, 2021


Some good, some not so good

First thing in the morning the Twitch security program finally after 5 days approved my new phone number. I entered the code on my cell phone and immediately all my devices logged me in to Twitch correctly. Magic. 
Watched FL fisherman for a minute, then did my usual morning stuff, had breakfast, read news (the flying Bezos Brothers), watched a couple of random stream, facebooked, twittered.

Over to the recliner and watched more Catfish and Masked Singer.

1:45 drove toward the urology clinic which is diagonally across the city. There is no good way to get there. GPS wanted to take me on freeways, no thanks. Got there on time somehow.

I was prepped and in the exam room way too long without a way to prop up my head before the doctor came in. But this time there was enough topical anesthetic and it didn't hurt. He also didn't nick anything. But he said it looks like an infection now, much worse than 2 months ago and it looks like I will need a biopsy because there may be something called Carcinoma in situ in there, or maybe a tumor. But he cannot see clearly in there so first they will try an advanced culturing technique and maybe all it will need is targeted antibiotics.

Home, followed the GPS until it wanted me to take the freeway, instead found my way to The Strip which is under heavy construction but the good news is traffic was reduced to 2 lanes so I was able to sightsee a little. Need to take my camera for a walk there.

Brought in the trash bins

Watched AllisonBWild's stream for a bit, then  more Catfish and Masked Singer until it was time for the BASFA Zoom. Very short meeting, only a couple of reviews.

Ordered some music themed summer shirts.

Delivered was a new filter pump. I removed the last one which was a total FAIL and put this one in. Will see overnight how it does.

Salad to start dinner, turkey baloney and American Singles. The baloney was way salty. I think I have cut back o salt so much I'm hyper sensitive to it now.

Zero sugar ginger ale bubbles a lot at 1800 feet.

Both cats sat on my lap tonight, but not at the same time.

Miki texted she can come over Monday. Yay!

Plans for tomorrow:
1 pm Eye doctor, leave at 12:30 or so
Probably stream at 7:30