June 8th, 2021


The eyes have it

Up with the alarm, high Hgl again. Spook hid under the bed all night.
Stripped the bed, put the bedding in the washer, when I went back to try to put another color sheet on, Maam was under the bed making rude noises because Spook was stalking her.
Many tries, I was unable to figure out which corners of the fitted sheet went where. Finally threw it on the floor by the closet and Spook parked herself on it.

Called the screen door company and told them to remove the carport screen door. They scheduled that for Friday 3 pm.

Breakfast, watched FL fisherman and a couple of storm chasers for a while, then headed to my eye doctor appointment way on the other end of Tropicana Ave, about 5 miles past the strip. Must have hit every 5-minute-long stop light. Got there exactly on time. 20 minutes to fill out their forms by hand. One would think these could be done online. After all, the info has to be punched in online by minions anyway.

Excellent optical tech named Star did all the preliminary exams, including an optometry one, a non-puff glaucoma one and an LSD trip macular one. Then the doctor came in and did the bright light in the retina exams. Long story short, my vision has gone south a bit but the retinopathy is stable and doesn't need anything done for it, cataracts are growing, but too soon for surgery. They don't do eyeglasses, he gave me a referral of an optician "nearer to me" who is as far away in the opposite direction, most of the way to the Thai temple.

Long drive home, people driving nutzo. As usual. Vegas drivers cut in front when there's exactly one car length to cut into. Missed most of the red lights but construction evened that out.

Home, watched another Masked Singer episode. Then The Bachelorette. First episode, probably half an hour wasted with pre-bachelor arrival crap. The B is not, IMHO all that pretty or smart, she's more of a girl next door high school grad type. She's from Lynwood, WA a very white suburb north of Seattle. She was on the volleyball team. No college education, she worked as a bank marketing dweeb in Renton, WA a slightly less white suburb south of Seattle known for its 30 mph synchronized stop lights and Boeing plant. Apparently the producers found her on TikTok. She was a loser on the last Bachelor, and was chosen to be the B because she is white. The fan favorite was black. In a fit of embarrassment, they fired the racist producer (long overdue) and will be giving the fan favorite her own Bachelorette show after this one. They have a Woman of Color™ MC now.

None of the 30 bachelors stood out for me. A few made extremely stupid entrances. A few came up with funny ones. One of them claims to be a genius and polymath (but I don't think he knows that word).  One bozo tried to pick a fight with a smaller, smarter guy, who refused to take the bait. This was shown completely out of context.

The B kisses like she's eating a steak.

Out of the guys she sent home, only one was an obvious loser.

We'll see where this goes, though it is shaping up to be a boring season.

My press-on nails are annoying me.

I streamed for half an hour, just as I was getting set to quit, two regulars showed up so I stuck around about half an hour more till they left.

This morning's hummer feeder stream captured some finches, but I was not able to make video clips of them. :-(

Took another shot at the fitted sheet, it was easy this time with the bed raised. Spook helped.

Looked for replacement retractable screen doors online, but have to go to Lowe's and maybe Home Depot to be sure what I'm seeing.

Nothing was delivered today.

Plans for tomorrow:
A: Drive to the strip, valet park at MGM Grand, monorail all day with stops for photos.
B: Hardware stores looking for screen doors & keypad deadbolts