June 9th, 2021



After breakfast I was off to Lowe's.** Their signage sucks, took forever to find the screen doors, but got help from a minion. They only had one and no clue how to get it installed. I did not actually see it, they made not have had it in stock.

But I did get a keypad deadbolt. I think I can install that myself. Maybe tomorrow.

Spent way too much time getting my phone number changed on the Amazon Prime credit card site. It was more invasive than getting a GOES card.

The latest aquarium pump is doing its job. And I'm seeing kuhli loaches, about twice as big as when I bought them. Ordered more algae wafers.

One delivery - sight savers. a box of 200.

Ordered leopard pattern bed sheets. Spook will love them.

Lunch was watermelon followed by pistachio ice cream.

Watched another Masked Singer episode on YTTV. Again, it was rigged, they voted one of the best singers off, because it was a Big Star who knew all the panelists personally. Three of them guessed it was him. There were two which were much worse.

Two Hot Bench episodes on Tivo. And Superman & Lois.

I am not watching PTI on YTTV, the sync is way out. I need to contact support. Oh wait, it looks fine on the PC. Hmmm. Bad on Tivo4k and Amazon Fire...

Ordered from a local Chinese place which delivers. Ordered way too much food, but now I have good stuff for the next week. Ate all the appetizers and half the wor won ton soup. Mo shoo pork, shrimp in lobster sauce, beef fried rice, shrimp chow mein, BBQ beef, egg drop soup. Most of that is a family meal, for 2-4 people. Closer to 4. They said to expect it around 5:45, he showed up half an hour early. This was all because of a flyer in the mail. Very well done flyer, and the restaurant is only a couple of miles up Tropicana.

**Plan A is on hold until the urology issue is solved. :-(

Streamed the bird feeder all day and saw goldfinches, red crested finches and some larger small birds.

Streamed at 7:30 for an hour, a couple of regulars showed up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Eat a lot of Chinese food
3 pm zoom meeting on LinkedIn
Call a company about a screen door installation
Install the keypad lock
More Masked Singer