June 13th, 2021


Catching up - short day Saturday

I think it may have been the Ozempic, took my first dose after running  out a month ago, and am officially on the full 1.5 mg shot now. Long story short, sitting i front of the PC at about 9 pm felt dizzy, was afraid  I might pass out. So I shut down the computer, turned off the camera gear** and went to bed. Spook joined me immediately, she knows when something is wrong.
Not a normal day, GI issues again, the only thing I had to eat all day was a muffin. Should have munched some saltines. Before I headed for bed I took 4 imodium and brought 3 pink chewables with me. I did manage to eat a little 82% chocolate, my usual bedtime treat.
I'm blaming the foo on a combination of the Chinese food and binge eating stale thin mints. Thin mints are not what they used to be, there is more cookie and less coating, and the coating blooms and goes stale.

** I rearranged some of the office and set up the Nikon with the Nikkor zoom on a solid tripod and attached the remote shutter gear. Had to replace the bateries on both sender and receiver, but I was expecting that. Aimed at the hummingbird feeder out he front window. Took a lot of photos of mostly not-humming birds before I remembered to change the focus to manual so the remote wouldn't mess that up. I think I caught one hummingbird out of the three because the sender timed out and shut off. The receiver doesn't do that. After fixing the focus there were lots of photos of the larger birds. Larger than hummingbirds but smaller than most other birds. Finches or sparrows of some sort. Will continue tomorrow, enabling mult-shot triggering. Using the Nikon because the webcam is too low rez to ID the birds.

I watched the FL fisherman, he was out in deep water with a small group, and they were hauling in mahi-mahi like mad. About 20 of them. And I think a baracuda.

No TV or Tivo but did watch Friday's PTI on the PC.

Delivered was the second leopard print sheet set. This one the spots are smaller.

Better Today

Slept a lot after I crashed. Spook stayed close enough to pet.

Got up at 4, curious about my blood sugar and realized I had not taken my nighttime meds. One of them keeps my heartbeat steady, so worth getting up for. Hgl was 84, much lower than expected but a very healthy number.

Back to sleep, after I uninstalled the video rabbit hole from the tablet.

Up every 90 minutes the next two times, weighed myself at 7 and had lost 4.5 pounds. Ozempic I think.

Feeling fine after my shower. By 9 my Hgl was up to 150.

LVFD scanner was back online, lots of calls for a Sunday the 13th. One major fire at a defunct casino.  Lots of strokes, a few heart attacks, two domestic squabbles but the best call was as a fire truck was pulling into the station, a 4-year-old girl asked the firemen to call the police because someone had stolen some things from her in the park behind the station. Fireman told the dispatcher the park was very sketchy, lots of homeless. I looked it up online and it's a small urban park with a basketball half-court and some dried out lawn.

Read the news, good to see Netanyahu finally trumped. He's rude, his followers are more rude. 

FL fisherman was not online and the two storm chasers had a long drive ahead of them.  

Eventually there was something to watch, but I brought the tablet into the office to listen to the scanner.

Turkey tetrazini for lunch, salad, an episode of Catfish, and meatish swedeballs for dinner. Banana split ice cream.

Aquarium is back to getting clearer.

Wanted PNB but only have an unopened jar. Found a PNB stirrer online, and an ice cream scoop.

Delivered from Macy's, the other patterned leopard sheets.

Ordered drug refills. Finished my Lenscrafters account info and verified they had my July 1 appointment.

Took bulk garbage to the curb. Dumped a 3rd bag into the regular garbage. Room for more.

Still set up for bird feeder photography but not a lot of birds what with the extreme heat and wind.

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage bins to the curb
More bird photos
Screen door #2 tech at 1
Miki visiting at 5, hope we can trim Maam's claws
BASFA zoom at 8