June 18th, 2021


Google Maps foo and endo WIN, plus a quick Goodwill WIN

Up early again, may as well start my day on my last pit stop before 7 am. Watched a little of the fishing boat stream, read some news.

11:20 appointment at a very far away endocrinologist clinic.  Last time  I gave up when the car's GPS took me on a great circle route. So allowed 90 minutes this time and scoped out the route on Google Maps, but I missed a critical turn and ended up lost. Punched the address into the GPS and missed a turn because it looked like it was a freeway entrance (it was, but it also was the major road I needed). Recovering from that, the GPS took me through major construction sites including wanting me to turn onto a road which was closed for paving. It has a habit of announcing construction where there is none, and not detouring around where there is.

Finally got there, right on time. But actually early because the real appointment time was 11:40.

15 minutes filling out paperwork - the same info the receptionist had entered on the computer WTF?

10 minutes later, nurse took my vitals and collected all my first time patient data. That took 20 minutes.

Maybe 5 minutes later a very beautiful woman told me to follow her, which was easy because she looked amazing from the back. It was the doctor. I knew it was a female doctor, but had no idea she looked like she worked her way through med school as a runway model.  Articulate, but she let me go off on tangents too much. She made it clear that my massive insulin dosages were right for me, judging from the Hgl meter readings. She told me not to think of myself as insulin resistant, per se. We talked about oral meds, I told her the side effects I'd experienced. LSS: she has prescribed U-500 insulin to replace both my Humalog and Lantus, and computed the doses to be 165 units before breakfast and 100 before dinner. I'm going to need a bigger syringe.

Home, the GPS made it simple. Left on Sunset, Left on Durango, right on Tropicana and straight on till morning.

But Plan A-prime kicked in, I stopped at Goodwill, and for $6 found a perfect side table for the Aquarium TV stuffed chair.

Car app says the trip to the clinic was 20 miles, home was 13. But it still took about an hour. But that's not counting Goodwill, so...

114° most of the way.

Lots of hydration and glucose to recover. Took a nap for half an hour.

Streamed for an hour.

Maam is hiding under the end table by the recliner and she is skeletal.** I tried to book an appointment for her online but the vet I took her to for her adoption exam did not have her name on file. And I could not find a record in Quicken of when I paid for that. Finally found the receipt email misfiled in Outlook.

Watched an episode of Catfish where he gathered three victims of the same jerk and flew all of them to Missouri to confront him at home. He fessed up to catfishing 400 women. His MO is to accept them on Tinder using a much handsomer man's info and videos, telling them he loved them and exchanging the other man's nudes for theirs.  And then he blocks them. When they confronted him, he showed no emotion, total sociopath. He's not all that bad looking, he's smart, but he has no emotions. He had no concept of using those women's photos except for himself. The men on the team managed get him  to shut down his Tinder and Facebook accounts and told him they were watching him. In the follow up call 2 months later he has a much more attractive haircut, got rid of his acne and is dressing better. He says he's using social media now as himself.

Also watched another episode of Debris, which really needs to do fewer scenes in the dark with guns drawn. And the two agents, one from US and one from UK were probably originally supposed to bond and fall in love, but they cast a man with no personality.

Watermelon for lunch, salad and turkey tetrazini and mint chip ice cream dinner. I have a new ice cream scoop which is kind of small and looked like a FAIL at first sight but it's a total WIN. The tip sort of comes to a point so it cuts through the ice cream like a champ.  

Ordered another phone back cover since the last one is way overdue from somewhere in Eastern Europe. And since I burned my hands on the black steering wheel today (my colorful velour cover lost its grip) I ordered two new ones. Because they always fail eventually.

Plans for tomorrow:
**Call the vet. Try for an appointment ASAP.
Festival of the Livingrooms zoom concerts start at 11 am my time
Screen door guy due between 12 and 2