June 20th, 2021


Briefly because I'm pooped

 had closed the shower doors, Maam spent the night flattened against the tiles. Spook gave her a wide berth.

The usual breakfast.

Cleaned and refilled the water fountain.

Carried Maam out to where the food and water was. She ignored it and flattened herself against the floor in my office, then moved t the kitchen and finally under the bed.

Watched several storm chaser - most of the ones I follow were active. FL fisherman did a late stream from home. First time I have seen his eyes (he wears sunglasses when he's out and about). They are very blue. I think he's actually a pretty good catch himself.

Skyped with J for 90 minutes. She is back from a DC vacation with two girls she plays Auntie for.

Lunch was watermelon
Salad and KFC for dinner

Watched some Catfish and some Debris.

Streamed for half an hour.

I think I'll take care of the garbage now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 6, drop Maam off at the vet between 7-8
The rest of the day depends on the vet
Probably will join the BASFA zoom