June 21st, 2021


Maam vet trip, and related foo

Set an alarm for 6 am, but was up at 4 and then 5:30 waiting for it. The plan was to shower, but Maam was in there so I just brushed my teeth and took a leak, got dressed and then carried Maam out to the livingroom ands put her in the carrier. She would not go in face first so I dropped her in tail first. She was not pleased but is too weak to make much of a struggle.

Punched the address into the car GPS and once again it tried to take me 5 miles out of the way. I should know better, I have been there 3 times before, but many months ago.

Arrived at 7, waited maybe 15 minutes for someone to bring out the paperwork. Filled it out and called to let them know, but it was 7:45 before Maam was collected.

Drove home, took off my pants and flopped onto the bed. Spook curled up next to me.

45 minute lie-down was enough. Did my usual computer things, while eating breakfast. An Elvis breakfast - a glop of PNB in a bowl with a banana sliced in.

Watched some streams, watermelon for lunch while watching Debris episodes. Spook on my lap to be brushed first. Also watched the first episode of Below Deck Med, which started with snippets from the whole season. And true to form, there was a medical issue right away, the chef hurt his knee and after preparing lunch he went to get an MRI. No chef for dinner, and the captain and crew proved they knew nothing about cooking. It was sad, I could have made that meal.  

Watching 90 Day Fiance just before 5:00 the vet called and said Maam was ready to be picked up. I thought they were keeping her till the blood tests were in, but I misunderstood. This time I didn't need the GPS, and was there in 7 minutes. Got a senior discount. $325 total bill. It will get more expensive depending on what the diagnosis is. Of the things on the vet's list of possibles the only ones which seem plausible to me are cancer or parasites. Probably cancer.

She stayed in the carrier after I opened it, until I went to pee, and then her first stop was the water fountain, next thing I knew she was under the bed, face to face with Spook who had run there when I got back home. Spook is now out and on her porch view perch.

I'll try to lure Maam with the Japanese tuna puree tubes which were delivered this afternoon.

Miki may come over tomorrow, if Maam is still here. I may have to bring Maam back to the vet.

In fishy news, the aquarium water is finally clear again.

Plans for tonight: watch The Bachelorette

I canceled my YouTubeTV account, it won't get shut off for a month. Signed up again for Cox cable, should receive the Tivo cable card in 3 days. Too many commercials on YTTV, they don't let you skip them. Usually 6 per break.

Plans for tomorrow:
1 pm PCP appointment
The rest depends on the vet