June 22nd, 2021


Partial day, for reasons

Maam was on the floor of the shower again. I carried her out to the livingroom and she visited some of her usual parking spots and some new ones, but not the food. Before that she was under the bed, I tried to feed her some tuna puree from the tube, but most of it got on the floor. She did make an effort but I'm not limber enough to stay down there long.

No streamers to follow. Ran my hummingbird feeder stream.

The usual breakfast. My last banana.

1 pm - routine doctor's appointment, then groc shopping. It took forever to find the olives.

Home at about 3, it was 107° outside and I'd bought lots of heavy items so I needed to cool off before putting things away. I am so happy the fridge has an ice maker.

Put everything away, a little at a time, with a lot of reorg on the freezers. Moved all the chicken soup containers into the new freezer to be able to fit all the frozen meals into the old freezer. But that's why I got the new freezer.

Around 4 I texted Miki that Maam was still here, if she wanted to come over ~ 5-ish. She said she would.

While she was on her way the vet called with the blood test results. More on that tomorrow. Miki had a good long visit, we both took lots of photos.

Watched more Debris episodes. And the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Part 1.

Salad and mint chip ice cream for dinner. Did not feel like eating a full meal, which is ironic since my freezer is now packed with them.

Plans for tomorrow:
It may rain