June 25th, 2021


Matters of the Heart

Okay, so after breakfast I took the Cox cable box out, plugged it in in place of the Tivo and attempted to start it up. It required the remote, and the remote was not paired. And I could not get it to pair. So I had no idea if the Tivo problem was the 2nd cable card or the cable wire. Packed the box back up, took the cable card out of the Tivo and put them in the car.
10:30 drove to the cardiologist's, got there way too early, sat in the car listening to KNPR, Las Vegas's NPR station. It was a mix of national and local items and the local people sounded every bit as good as the national (and Bay Area) ones.

11:10 appointment, as usual the doctor got to me an hour later. Long story short, she is satisfied that I'm doing well with the changes she made, and I don't have to see her again till December. I forgot to ask about Monday's pacemaker appointment. I figure I'll get a reminder text if it's still on.
Scenic route to Cox, on aptly named Mountain Vista Road. Lots of thunderheads in the sky. About half a mile from Cox the sky opened up and the wind kicked in about 40 mph. Parking lot acquired some puddles, but it was warm and the first real rain in a year and a half. Most of the Cox staff was out in front enjoying the spectacle.

Got helped right away. The nice man gave me another cable card, and he said he had to give me a whole new cable box set because the remotes are supposed to be pre-paired for the unit in the box. I expected they would just pair the remote for me.

Home, there were a couple of foot-deep puddles along the way. The Leaf, being all electric, doesn't have to worry about a blocked tailpipe, so getting through those was a piece of cake. But I did have to give the little gasoline powered car ahead of my a long headstart because a BMW could easily get compression backup and die.

Put the cable card in the Tivo, reset it, called the magic hotline and got actual TV signals in about 5 minutes.

But I had to spend a lot of time waiting for the program guide to download and then re-do most of my "one pass" recording schedules because they are on different channel numbers on cable than on antenna.

Looks like I have most everything set up, including a lot of duplicates, and Olympic trials.

Watched three episodes of Hot Bench.

There were storm chasers and fishermen streaming. One of the streamers I follow "raided" my hummingbird feeder stream, I got about 9 new viewers from that, but only 2 came back for my 7:30 chatting stream.

Someone asked if I could help him find a euphonium mouthpiece.  He was gone before I could answer that it's just a trombone mouthpiece.

Spook is copng well with Maam gone. I'm not sure she even misses her.

Fruit bowl and nuts for lunch, salad and beef merlot steamer meal for dinner, plus chocolate fudge tracks ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch streamers
If middle sister is available to chat, get some therapy