June 26th, 2021


No-foo Friday

Spook was not in the bedroom last night, but she showed up when the lights came on, and she proceeded to look for Maam. Went into the bathroom, went into the shower, looked around and came right back out. Jumped onto the bed and sniffed around places where Maam had slept the other night. Down to the floor, she checked out under the bed.

Then she went out the bedroom door into the hallway, and hid in the small space in front of the guest bathroom, to the left of the bedroom. To go into the rest of the house you have to go right. This little space Spook sometimes used to ambush Maam coming out of the bedroom. When I came out instead of Maam, Spook meowed at me.

Spook has been anywhere cat all day. I think she now understands Maam is gone.
Phone calls to Humana, endocrinology and urology and ADD pushed breakfast to 12:30. The new insulin did finally get approved, contrary to email from Humana saying it was canceled. I returned the urology surgery scheduler's call leaving voicemail that the reason my cardiologist did not have an EKG for me from yesterday's appointment is I decided to cancel the biopsy. Research and talking to my other doctors showed the urologist was on a fishing trip. The two looks inside my bladder were supposed to find any kind of cancer that might be in there, but the urologist said he could not see clearly.The biopsy is quick and simple for the doctor but a royal PIA for the patient.
Texted middle sister and asked when she had time to chat. Surprised me by calling right away. I filled her in on all my medical stuff, she has gone through even worse. Therapy session about putting Maam to sleep. She is a multiple cat lover/owner and she strongly assured me I did the right thing. The only thing more treatment would do would have been to know exactly what was killing Maam.

Texted younger sister, she replied it would be later in the day but then she called right away, and chatted while she did some gardening and work in her new chicken coop. Also a cat lover with two adopted feral cats, she echoed middle sister's message.
Watched storm chaser and fishing streams. Streamed the bird feeder but no one visited. Streamed my usual hour, no one showed up.

Fruit bowl for a late lunch. Salad, spaghetti & meatballs frozen meal and chocolate fudge swirl ice cream for dinner.

Spook took her time but finally jumped onto the arm of the recliner and got brushed for about 10 minutes. When I put the brush down on the side table she climbed over me and sat in front of the brush. So some more brushing and more lap time.

Tivo did a lot of recording, I deleted a bunch of duplicates, watched PTI and the "never before scene" final Below Deck Sailing Yacht. And the 6 am channel 13 morning show. New traffic reporter with an hourglass figure dressed in a very tight Hawaiian sarong dress.  Her name is Zora. Very nice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on 90 Day Fiance and Gold Rush
Watch storm chaser and fishing streams


Quiet day. Spook was in the bed a little, she came up to a foot away from the tablet in my hand, but did not want me to pet her. Typical. When I got out of bed she came out from under the bed.

There were a couple of storm chasers to watch, FL fisher man didn't get out till almost sunset (3 my time). Watched a 90 Day Fiance teaser, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion 2, in which the tall deck hand who knocked up the tiny stewardess did not joi in, but they got him later and he liedliedlied about wanting to be part of the baby girl's life. There was also a Below Deck Med blooper reel. Gold Rush somehow was in Arizona instead of Colorado because Tivo showed me 3 episodes in reverse order. :-(

Figured WTH, and looked for cats which play well with others. Found a few. One especially, which may e at Petco tomorrow.

Too soon? Looking at my cats web page I see that after I had to put Domino to sleep I went looking almost immediately and found Spook. Nothing on my calendar tomorrow, car is charged 50%, this Petco is about 17 miles away (clear across town).

Salad for dinner and then I boiled some tiny frozen pre-cooked shrimp and a weird kind of pasta that I have 2 large boxes of. Melted on Swiss & American cheese and sprinkled with Parmesan. Reminded I don't like that pasta.

Watched an episode of The Zoo which I have seen before, but worth it. San Diego Zoo sends its pandas back to China. And elephant acupuncture.

Delivered: three litterbox cartridges.

Plans for tomorrow:
Petco noon-3
No streaming, nobody is showing up.