June 28th, 2021


High five for Palm

Well, I was going to wait a while, but I've been casually browsing petfinder.com since yesterday, and one cat caught my eyes. Then a few more. But the first one looked like a winner, plays well with other cats, calico, 3 years old. When  inquired, they said they were having an adoption event at a Petco way way far, about an hour's drive. But I had nothing else to do today so I went. The GPS wanted to take me straight up Tropicana, which was the most direct route, but the road was blocked off just past Albertson's, and the detour made the GPS on a more meandering route.

Got there, found the adoption lady, she messed up and had the wrong cat there. Palm is who I wanted, she brought Pearl. Different foster, much different cat. She had two of Palm's babies there but they are B&W not calico. But she got Palm's foster in touch with me, and we did a Zoom session. First with a calico named Kitty who looked like Spook with a bobbed tail and short hair. But Kitty is a senior cat, 18 or more, Palm is 3. Zoom moved upstairs and we found Palm on the floor of a closet. Better than under the bed.
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Foster mom said Kitty was not a lap cat, she was a bed cat, and the bobbed tail was a showstopper for me. Palm isn't a lap cat - yet. But she is closer to being mirror cat than Maam was. Her history was just like Spook's, she had a litter on the streets at an early age, they were rescued and veterinarianized, only 3 of the litter survived. Her foster was able to pet her down there on the floor of the closet, I think in time and with space she will become more social.

We'll see. It will partly depend on Spook.
Albertson's for a short list of perishables
Stop at the mailbox, it was crammed with things USPS did not list on the informed delivery email. A new credit card, an experimental hummingbird feeder which other birds would not like. Humana letter claiming they had a prescription on hold which actually will ship soon. And a packet with some pills from Humana.

Tivo FAIL - none of the Olympic trials got recorded. Oh wait - it seems I don't get that channel. Harumph. Okay, added that package for $9/month more.

I did watch 90 Day Fiance, about 20% of it was new stuff, the rest was a repeat of the teaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
No breakfast
Quest diagnostics for a post-antibiotic test.

Quest, reruns, no signal

Just a banana for breakfast, wasn't feeling like I needed the egg.

Plugged the car in at 9 pm last night, it was not fully charged 12 hours later. It should have been. Maybe NV Energy lessened the power because of high demand. 

Off the Quest for lab tests for urology. I did not expect the blood draw.

Plugged the car back in, got it up to 100%. Still slow.

Fruit bowl for lunch

Lots of news to read, some streamers were on briefly.

Brought in the garbage bins

Olympic channel has no signal still. Will call Cox tomorrow if it doesn't show up. Their email confirms only that I made a change, not what the change was.

Watched Batwoman. Very derivative, crappy writing, so-so acting. Way too much shot in the dark. Way too much soap opera.

6 am channel 3 news show has way too much weather. But they have a very diverse crew and cram 15 minutes of content into the hour. The traffic reports are helping me to learn about the city.

90 Day Fiance was a rerun. Pillow Talk is a fun perspective on the rerun. Below Deck Med  was a rerun. 
Email for Lyuba, I can come meet Palm Wednesday at 6 pm

Spook was lap cat twice today. The second time she jumped/clawed up the side of the recliner onto the arm rest.

BASFA zoom meeting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch The Bachelorette
2 pm hematologist appt
Phone with Lyuba, get address and expectations. Am I collecting Palm?