June 29th, 2021


Superstar doctor makes you wait, but...

Pretty boring morning, no storms chased, but FL was all stormy so no boat stream.

2 pm hematology appointment because my red blood cells are too many. Seriously misjudged the location, left home at 1:15, was there at 1:25. There was a ton of paperwork to fill out because it's actually a major cancer clinic.

In the waiting room 45 minutes past my appointment time. And then 20 minutes of new patient info with a nurse. Dr's exam room was wall to wall mounted magazine covers where he was voted best 10 or 5 doctors, there was a certificate from Congress, and he's basically a superstar in the oncology treatment world.

Finally came in and gave me the most thorough exam ever. He checked the CT scan and chest x-ray in my files, looked at my lab tests. He wants me to do some special one, which needed Humana approval, which probably would take a week or two. But his nurse called, it was approve right away, did I want to come pick up the order sheet? No, mail it to me.

On the way home, one item in the mailbox, a bill from Urology for $8.47. It will cost them more than that just to process the payment. Idjits.

Talked with Cox tech support about the no Olympics channel. He escalated it, but it didn't get fixed - probably another bad cable card. Tech will be here tomorrow 1 - 3 pm window.

Vacuumed the livingroom rug, that new machine did a great job.

Watched 2 Hot Bench episodes. Catfish was a rerun, No PTI - they are away till 7/6.

Salad for dinner, then some Texas Toast and a blue bunny mini dipped cone.

The Bachelorette was, oddly, a WIN. She believed the House, and kicked out the lying cheating bastard instead of giving the last rose. But then FAIL, the producers foisted a 2x Bachelorette loser on her, using Taysha as enabler. After she sent bastard home, she invited Loser to move into the House.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cox tech
Visit Palm at her foster home. 6 pm
Not sure if I am allowed to take her home.